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It is a challenging but worthy step in development of Handy Backup to support all sorts of the data safekeeping and restoration activity under OS Linux.

Thus, Handy Backup sometimes can be the best of Linux backup solutions on the market. Today, if you want to use the Handy Backup software under Linux, you have two viable options:

  • The brand new Linux workstation agent software for Handy Backup operates natively under the Debian-like (DPKG-based) or Yum/RPM-based distributives of Linux.

    It allows easily configuring the backup and restoration workflow at the mixed network of Windows and Linux computers. This tool can be mighty and speedy Linux backup program.
  • Also, you may use the Windows-based version of Handy backup under Wine emulator. This method has been tested and proved sometimes under Debian OS using the kernel of 2.6.x.

    It can be very rewarding as you may use at once all the might and perfection of well-developed Windows-based edition of Handy Backup.

The native support of Linux and *nix-based systems (like different versions of BSD) may be significantly extended in future. However, the Handy Backup software is the proprietary system, with no open source code allowed.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Network

Version 7.8.5, built on 23 September, 2016. 64.3 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 599 USD per license.

Handy Backup Network

To back up and restore all workstations of your network, you need to use the Network edition. Free 30-days trial version!

Using Handy Backup Network Edition to Backup Linux Workstations

If you organize the workflow of data on your entire complex network and want the perfect tool for your Red Hat or Ubuntu backup, the Server Network edition provides you with a powerful solution.

Just install workstation agents for all Linux-based computers in your network, configure it, and you may use the full spectrum of options listed below as the key features of this Linux backup solution.

All these operations are centralized and controlled from the one point, making it the perfect Linux backup tool for system administrators. The main software system in this model operates as the Linux backup server for all workstations in the local network.

Key features

  • Can work in mixed Linux- and Windows-based infrastructure controlled by Handy Backup Network edition main system.

    This is the principal feature of the system, as the workflow of data between Linux-based workstations and other network components shall be unobstructed forever using this technique;
  • Supports natively i386 (32-bit) architecture of DPKG-based or Yum/RPM-based distributives of Linux based on the kernel version 2.6.x;
  • Ease and speed up the backup and restoration operations under Linux, compared to standard Linux backup and synchronization utilities;
  • Use main server of the network as the Linux backup server;
  • Support the Linux full backup, as the differential and incremental backup of entire (or any selected data of) workstation;
  • Provide Linux automated backup of the crucial data;
  • Greatly expands the speed of data transfer using the modified version of rsync (see below);
  • Store saved files on local and network drives, FTP, SFTP and FTPS file storages, NAS, private and offsite clouds include Amazon S3;
  • Strongly encrypt all the data transferred.

Speed Up Linux Backup: rsync-based Way!

The software, both in Linux- and Windows-based implementations, uses the deeply modified version of popular rsync algorithm, nowadays a de-facto standard of data synchronizing operations in the world of Linux.

Due to some optimization, the modified rsync algorithm and overall data exchanging strategy built around it, can grossly speed up the data transferring, adding more to the superior speed of job generally demonstrated by Handy Backup.

This acceleration can be most visible in the typical tasks of differential and incremental backup, containing up to 80% of all the data safekeeping activity.

To see how Handy Backup can speed up the data exchange, we make a comparing test using the typical Windows-based workstation. Two tasks were performed.

The first is copying the ten thousand of files 1,000-bytes sized, and the second is the transfer of one 1,49 Gb file (the size of a typical movie file compressed by most of standard Full HD codecs).

The table below contains the summary of both tests:

10000 files, each 1000 bytes
1 file 1.49 GB
time (sec)
speed (KB/s)
time (sec)
speed (MB/s)
Windows Explorer
Total Commander
Handy Backup Standalone
Handy Backup Server
Handy Backup
Handy Backup

These parameters upgrades constantly, version after version, as no limits can be to perfection!

The modified version of rsync used by the software uses the straightforward approach to processing the data directly, not bothering anyway both user and OS with any temporary files or directories. This method can significantly add to speed, stability and security of overall data exchange.

Download instruction: Installing Network Agents on Linux Computers (PDF)

See also: Workstation Backup, VirtualBox Backup.


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