Windows 8 Disk Imaging: Free with Handy Backup

What about a couple of Windows backup ideas and a special offer for the OS backup functionality in Handy Backup in view of Windows 8?

So, looks like Microsoft has released the highly anticipated Windows 8 finally. Here are common sense backup suggestions for anyone considering migration to the new OS:

  • Even with the native OS upgrade functionality, it is much more safer and reliable for your data and system settings when you have a separate backup of your entire Windows system, restorable when required, before you migrate to the new OS. There is no such thing as overprotection for your data when it comes to shifting to a newer Windows.
  • Utilizing a Windows 8 compatible backup software tool should be among the first things one does once the new OS configuration is finished, in order to save the initial state of the system and be able to instantly update backups independently of native Windows tools.

Having these two ideas in our mind, we are glad to invite you to try Handy Backup editions supporting disk imaging and use Handy Backup functionality for your brand new Windows 8, as the software has successfully passed all the compatibility tests for the pre-release edition.

Handy Backup editions to help you with Windows backup are Professional, Small Server, and Network Server.

Ready to migrate to Windows 8? Download the software to assist you right away!

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