PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery

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Handy Backup is the perfect solution for PostgreSQL backup and recovery. It allows hot backup of your data without PostgreSQL database stopping.

Powered with a scheduling, incremental backup, multi-threaded advanced transfer engine, online HBDrive and other features, Handy Backup seems to be one of the first-choice-solution for PostgreSQL database backup.

Version 7.7.3, built on November 03, 2015
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3-way PostgreSQL Backup

There are some ways to back up your PostgreSQL database:

SQL dump

SQL dump

The method is based on a text file generation with SQL commands. It’s possible to reconstruct the database in the same state it was at the time of the dump.

PostgreSQL provides a software utility pg_dump for this purpose (dumps only one database, not including dump information about roles or tablespaces).

The method does not guarantee the complete safety of your database. Some operating systems have a maximum file size limit (leads to problems when creating large files using pg_dump). For large databases, you need to find other ways to back up.

File-system Backup

File-system Backup

Another way for PostgreSQL backup is to make a direct copy of all database files. However, you have to stop the database server to do it. The connection prohibition to the server will not work because of an internal buffering.

A backup of certain individual tables or databases will not be available because that information is not correct without the transaction log file.

Thus, the file system backups only work if you make a full database backup. Note that a file system backup may be larger than the SQL dump. However, file system backups are usually faster.

Hot PostgreSQL Backup

Hot PostgreSQL Backup

An alternative approach to backing up the file system is a hot PostgreSQL backup. You do not have to stop the database to make backups. With Handy Backup it is very easy.

It does the backup job with PostgreSQL backup tools at the same time you work with database. Set the schedule for backing up and free you time!

Version 7.7.3, built on November 03, 2015
54.2 MB

PostgreSQL backup and restore

You can make backup/restore PostgreSQL database via Handy Backup. Here is a simple PostgreSQL backup schema:

Select the “PostgreSQL” in the Handy Backup menu

PostgreSQL Backup

Follow steps to set up backup destination, scheduling, security options.

To restore PostgreSQL database , select recovery option in the File menu. Select the .hbi file and your database will automatically be restored.

PostgreSQL Restore

There are many reasons to prefer the PostgreSQL backup function of Handy Backup among its competitors.

PostgreSQL Backup Advantages

Novosoft Remote Backup Service

Novosoft Remote Backup Service

In addition to support for backing up to CD, backing up to DVD, and other media, you can take the advantage of storing your data in a remote secured underground shelter using our Online Backup Service.

Automatic ZIP backup compression

Automatic ZIP backup compression

Automatic PostgreSQL backup compression is a great feature to minimize a storage space required.

Security of your backups

Security of your backups

PostgreSQL backup copies can be protected with advanced encryption algorithms and a password.

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

You will only need a couple of minutes to set up a fully automatic PostgreSQL database backup plan.

Smart Backup Scheduler

Smart Backup Scheduler

You need to define a backup plan only once, and then the program will run backup and restore tasks automatically, on a minute to monthly basis.

Hot Backup of Any Accessible Databases

Hot Backup of Any Accessible Databases

Our backup program lets you back up PostgreSQL tables located on both local and remote computers without stopping them (using a hot backup technology).

Operation as Windows Service

Operation as Windows Service

You can configure Handy Backup to start as a Windows service, and it will perform your backups on time, even if you aren’t logged on.

Fast PostgreSQL Backup

Fast PostgreSQL Backup

Multi-threaded transfer engine carries out backup functions in the background with a maximum speed and a minimum system resource consumption.

See PostgreSQL backup features for more information.

PostgreSQL can satisfy the requirements of all kinds of consumers: it’s very popular among individual programmers and is also used by such companies as Yahoo!, Skype, Sony and BASF.

The system isn’t managed by a single company; it’s developed by the community of companies and developers from all around the world. That’s why the PostgreSQL backup feature of Handy Backup is sure to benefit a lot of users.

Using Handy Backup is the most reliable way to perform PostgreSQL backup you have ever tried! Check it out!

Licensing information

PostgreSQL backup is available in two versions of Handy Backup - Small Server and Server Network.

Handy Backup Small Server
Handy Backup Server Network

The setup file is common for both editions. Try free for 30 days!

Both versions will provide you with a full-featured backup, but there are some differences. Small Server is designed for a single computer: you need a running program to set the parameters for backup. Server Network option is designed for multiple computers or a backup over the network.

Handy Backup installation provides a system service on the user’s machine. You can manage all the backups from the server administrator computer. This is very convenient, because users don’t need to think about PostgreSQL database backups themselves.

Professional version has built-in Database Backup plug-in you can use for backing up the PostgreSQL database through the ODBC. Learn about database backup restrictions...

More information about the prices and the options for purchasing Handy Backup is here.

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Try Handy Backup right now and see how effective the PostgreSQL backup process can be!

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