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Handy Backup™ is an automatic backup and recovery software for PC or business server

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Native Backup Format

Native Backup Format

View, modify or restore even one file of your backups with traditional file-browsing tools like Explorer, without a need of a full restoration!

Unified interface

Unified interface

Back up your files, folders, databases, websites, cloud accounts or app data, using the single, simple interface for all tasks!

Different Backup Methods

Different Backup Methods

Take full, incremental, differential or mixed backups, synchronize data, make versions of dataset data – back up as you want to!

Home and Small Office Software

Handy Backup Standard

Handy Backup Standard

A quick and simple backup solution for files and folders, emails (including Gmail and MS Outlook), shared network resources, popular clouds such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.

Handy Backup Professional

Handy Backup Professional

A pro-level PC backup solution supports SFTP and FTPS servers, websites, disk image backup, S3-driven clouds, OneDrive for Business, generic databases and contains a recovery utility.

Professional Software for Backup to Clouds & Other Storages

OneDrive Backup


Google Drive Backup

Google Drive

Amazon S3 Backup

Amazon S3

Dropbox Backup


FTP Backup


NAS Backup


+ External and Local HDD, WebDAV, USB, Network
Lifetime License

Business Software

Handy Backup Small Business

Handy Backup
Small Business

Supports server-level OS and any data types, provides auto backup of databases (including MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Lotus Notes and IBM DB2), virtual machines Hyper-V and VMware.

Handy Backup Server Network

Handy Backup
Server Network

The ultimate server backup software that provides centralized backup of pro-level workstations and server machines with all Handy Backup plug-ins in a network of any architecture.

List of Supported Databases:

List of Supported Databases


I’ve been using Handy Backup for years, and I like this software because it allows me to backup to native file format, and if I want to secure certain files and folder backups, I can compress and encrypt them easily. In my experience the program was also very stable compared to the others I tested.

Carl Williams - Handy Backup User

Carl Williams, Developer, NetSec

I have tested several network backup solutions. Some are a lot more sophisticated and expensive but cannot handle the three things I needed: workstation backup, LAN asset backup and website backup (FTP) for multiple environments and tasks. Good work.

Bruce G. Mills - Handy Backup User

Bruce G. Mills, Designer/Developer, StudioTech

Over the years, I have utilized Handy Backup for moving data from a remote air quality monitoring station. This program allows backup to external hard drive, as well as to different FTP servers on an hourly basis. This data provides real-time air quality information to our community, state and nation to protect public health and inform decision-makers about air conditions.

Ohio University logo

Ohio University, USA

I am a computer support business and I use Handy Backup on 3 different sites. I make disk image backup and file backup to store via FTP to a NAS or offsite server. It protects me from ransomware which may have hit our clients. I use Handy Backup for over 10 years. I will purchase the Professional edition for clients and be purchasing the server version for network tasks.

iinet logo

iiNet, Australia

Best Small Business App by PCMag

Best Small Business App by PCMag

Appreciated by one of top-rated world magazines in an IT sphere, Handy Backup proudly bears an award from PCMag! Software designed to seamlessly backup applications that are mission-critical to many SMBs.

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