Back up Motorola Droid Phone with Handy Backup

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Back up Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid is among the most advanced Android mobile phones, and thats why solutions for backing up Motorola Droid data are highly demanded by users of any expertise. Backup software helps you protect all valuable information stored on your Motorola Droid and never lose it.

This phone has unique features, which you cannot find in any other smartphone on todays market:

  • High-speed mobile browsing abilities of 3G
  • Voice recognition and Google search by voice
  • Large high resolution 3.7-in touch screen with double tap zoom
  • 5 MP camera with DVD-quality video
  • Run multiple applications feature

All these amazing abilities provide a great deal of information and additional files to backup, including voice recording files, camera videos and pictures, browser favorites and other valuable data given by Motorola Droid.

Statistics say that about 60% of mobile phone users face data loss annually. No need to say again, that it is necessary to use backup utilities to protect mobile data from dataloss caused by hardware/software errors, deleting important information by mistake etc.

Handy Backup Can Back Up Motorola Droid

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Handy Backup for Android is a simple and easy-to-use data backup and recovery solution for popular Android 2.0 platform.

The program based on the same powerful architecture that we have in Handy Backup for PC which makes all backups run smoothly and error free.

Download Handy Backup for Android by using this QR code, or find it on the Android market.

Using Handy Backup for Android

Handy Backup for Android has a simple interface easy enough to use even for novice smartphone owners. With this useful utility, you can back up contacts, call logs and SMS messages, music, videos and any other files necessary and then restore them to original location if it becomes necessary.

Install Handy Backup for Android and feel safe about your valuable Motorola Droid data!

You can schedule backup tasks to run automatically and not requiring any attention, so you phone will be always protected while you sleep or have fun. Once you set up the program, you can forget about backing up the phone - Handy Backup will take care of your Motorola Droid data for you.

Moreover, for users of Handy Backup for Android we’ve created a separate option for choosing our Online Backup Service as backup destination, so you can always access them wherever you are. Just download the program and try it yourself!

Handy Backup for Android is free at the moment, and you can download it directly on your Motorola Droid at the Android Market.

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