CHIP Backup and Restore

In comparison with Raspberry Pi backup, there is no way to backup CHIP single-plate computer units. The only technique allowing saving a content from a built-in NAND is to make a “re-flashable” memory copy using the built-in CHIP backup utility and an external USB drive.

A CHIP Backup Tool

CHIP backup software is a component of primary C.H.I.P operation system package. In addition, some solutions exist for making CHIP HDD backup “from inside”, although these solutions are often have up to no automation. Therefore, if you need a regular backup, you can stick to Raspberry Pi.

Utilizing Handy Backup

Although Handy Backup have no use with CHIP system backup, you can utilize it to make copies of USB flash backup containing a CHIP backup image. This technique allows some complex storage operations, such as CHIP online backup to a popular cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc).

Most Popular Clouds for CHIP Backup

Operations with CHIP HDD Backup Copies

Handy Backup can use an existing CHIP backup image as a typical file, backing it up online or locally and restoring it automatically whenever you need. To work with a CHIP backup as a file, you have require no special tool or plug-in. It is just a component of your USB drive file system.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 7.9.10, built on 16 February, 2018. 65.7 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

The Standard edition allows CHIP HDD backup from a flash USB memory unit to any other popular storage, as well as cloning and moving a CHIP backup image. Free 30-days trial version!

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