Google Desktop Backup

Google allows you to perform backup desktop data – not a working space where some icons are located, but your entire personal computer, be it desktop in a classical sense, or a laptop including Chromebook, but not a tablet or other ultra-mobile device (which has a separate Google app for backing up).

The main content for auto Google desktop backup is a multimedia content, i.e., photos and videos. The target destination is always a Google Drive account, often linked with Picasa. Therefore, Google desktop backup files presented in Picasa libraries via the tool called “Auto Backup”.

Auto Backup Technique

To use Google desktop backup settings in Google+ environment, you must download the Auto Backup utility firstly. The downloading button appears in some Google tools, like Picasa. The “Auto Backup” utility can be also downloaded directly.

Then run the Auto Backup and log into the Google account linked with your Google Drive by pressing the “Sign In” button.

google auto backup

You will see the following window (for different OSes, the information in this window may slightly differ, but the general content is always the same). Select locations for backup Google desktop files.

google auto backup settings

The procedure of using Auto Backup Google desktop data is quite straightforward; just press the “Start backup” button at the lower-right corner to backup Google desktop files.

Any backups successfully performed will immediately appear in your Google Drive account. You may use it as any other Google Drive files, to share, download or publish these files at you will.

Note: The Auto Backup is actually a part of Picasa package, not a standalone utility! Only multimedia content can be selected to backup Google desktop files via Auto Backup, not any other single file or folder.

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