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Currently the composition of an digital library is becoming all the more popular. Really, the use of a computer allows us to replace a large collection of paper texts, taking up a great deal of space, saving all the necessary sources on the disk of a personal computer. The presence of a large collection of literature on the Internet creates a huge market of coveted products, which always appear accessible for a computer user.

However, the saving of literature on the computer lacks one thing, the really considerable appeal of reading such texts. Such a lack is a possibility of the viability of these files under the condition of a computer failure. A book written on paper should not self-destruct, but texts saved on computer may be lost in a power outage or the effect of any number of external failures. In order to reduce the risk of losing files, the procedure of copying your digital library is herein suggested, in which files that are important to the user are carried over to external carriers. Use of this procedure greatly reduces the risk of losing information and makes work with a computer significantly more dependable.

To simplify copying a reserve, the program Handy Backup, released by the company Novosoft, can be used. This program makes it possible to create copies of important files on additional hard disks inside of the computer, and onto external components (CD, DVD, USB-flash, FTP-servers). Using the program Handy Backup, it is possible to make a list of files, which can be copied onto a reserve carrier and sent where it particularly needs to be copied. The program automatically establishes the route of access and transfers all of the files. In the case of losing noted files on the core system, the program can restore them according to the use of a reserve copy. Thus, using Handy Backup allows you to dependably copy your digital library and remove the risk of losing it in the occasion of computer failure.

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