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Recently digital pictures have begun to obtain a great deal of popularity. Digital cameras are no longer only the means of the wealthy and now everybody wants one. These cameras provide higher quality pictures than normal cameras. In addition, it is possible to take digital photos with the technology of new cell phones. All of this results in the large collection of digital pictures stored on computers.

However, it is possible for problems to arise here, connected with the possibility of losing these files. Modern practical computers unfortunately are subject to frequent failures, connected either to power outages or the activity of computer viruses.

With such problems it is possible that irreparable damage or complete destruction can occur to your documents. In detail, they could be damaging to your digital photographs. Although avoiding damage in the service of a computer is difficult, there is a way to decrease the unpleasant effects of computer failure.

You can employ the method of creating a reserve copy of poignant information on an additional carrier. In this capacity you can choose such varying methods as CD, DVD, USB-flash hardware, and even a remote computer via FTP-connection. If the user makes a reserve copy of their files on a reserve carrier, they can easily restore lost information in the case of a system failure.

For the completion of such a procedure, there has already been for several years the widespread usage of product Handy Backup, created by company Novosoft. This product allows for quick and effective creation of a reserve copy of any files, so that you may back up your pictures. It has a user-friendly interface and highly effective fundamental parameters. The use of Handy Backup guarantees you the saving of information in the moment of computer disaster.

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