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The LAN backup is a backup performed on one computer and is stored on another remote computer or network-attached device connected to the same network. No data leave the local area by this form of backup, but the storage media is often physically placed in a different areas with the source computer.

To perform LAN backup, you must determine where to store your data. You may choose between the remote server, the NAS storage, the network drive, the dedicated FTP or secured SFTP/FTPS containment, and so more. And next, you may use the dedicated software for network backup, like Handy Backup Server Network edition, to schedule and perform tasks of copying or restoring your chosen data through your LAN.

LAN Backup vs Internal Backup

The LAN backup greatly improves the versatility and safety of backup operations if compared with internal backup process. Storing the data offsite the computer but in the same local network effectively protect the data copied both from hardware errors and from global network perils like hackers or worms. And both the versatility and scalability of media selection for LAN backup adds greatly to overall options and benefits of this backup type

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Download Handy Backup to perform LAN backup.

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