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Using the computer to watch movie clips and cartoons has lately become very stylish; now, it is considered widely espoused among computer users. The development of convenient programs for the viewing of video clips, as well as a broad distribution of digital camcorders, brings a widespread increase in popularity to using computers to play videos. Some users save a very large collection of files to their home computer as movie clips, which are actually taken by the owner of the computer, yet held as if professional films!

Unfortunately, in this case a user risks losing any or all of their important files in the occasion of a system failure in their computer. You can lose your favorite films, or even video clips that may capture important moments of your personal life in the result of accidental power loss or any additional kind of annoying trifle. In order to defend your files from an unfortunate failure you can try the product Handy Backup, developed by software company Novosoft. This program was created especially to diminish the risk of losing essential files, by the procedure of saving a reserve copy of these files.

Using Handy Backup, it is possible to create copies of files on additional hard drives on your PC, and additionally on removable media, such as CD, DVD, USB-flash and through FTP-servers. Programs users provide the list of files necessary for saving, and show the place where they want the files copied to. The program automatically completes the copying procedure and in the instance of damage to the original files, restores those files to match the copy held in reserve.

Numerous positive testimonials adhere to the success of Handy Backup, praising its convenience and easy operation - simply put, this software effectively completes the tasks for which it is intended. The reasonable price of this program, along with its easy-to-use interface provides Handy Backup essential advantages on the software market. Using this software, you can reliably protect your favorite movie clips from all threats of loss or damage.

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