Outlook Express

Outlook Express is Microsoft email managing program. Outlook Express is easy to use and less complex than Outlook.

Outlook Express comes with Windows operating systems (from Windows 95 OSR 2.5, Windows NT, as well as with the Internet Explorer since v. 4.0). There are also versions of Outlook Express for the “classic” versions of Mac OS.

Outlook express popularity

Today Outlook express now is not as popular (due to the fact that it can not be installed on Windows Vista and Windows 7), however, many users in the world are still have Outlook express installed, since it is really convenient and easy to learn and use.

Transferring accounts

The easiest way to transfer accounts is using standard "Import/Export" options in “Internet Accounts” window. Obtained IAF-files can be easily moved from system to system and from a PC to a PC, they also contains passwords.

Transferring data from Outlook Express to Outlook.com

Microsoft allows you to transfer all the data with Mail Migration option. Log the Microsoft account (register if neccessary). After entering the service will automatically move your Outlook Express contacts and mail to your Outlook.com account.

Outlook express backup

The main part of the best Outlook express backup strategy is to put all mail database in a separate section for storing data files. Even ordinary emails often contain very important information, and placing it on the system drive is not very good idea.

Backing up Outlook express files with Handy Backup

Handy Backup as backup program can backup Outlook and Outlook Express.

Moreover, separate-storage principle of programs and data (which also should include My Documents, Favorites, etc.) allows you to simplify backups.

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