Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi is a backup rotation schedule, based on the Tower of Hanoi puzzle. Handy Backup is an easy backup program, but it does not yet support the Tower of Hanoi rotation schedule.

The Tower of Hanoi puzzle created by Edouardo Lucas, a French mathematician, in 1883. The game consists of three pegs with a number of discs placed on one of them. Each disc is of its own size and the smaller discs are placed on the larger ones. The task is to move the discs to another peg moving only one disc at a time and only placing a smaller disc on a larger one.

In the Tower of Hanoi backup rotation schedule every disc is a backup media set, and every move is a day of a backup. In this case, the earlier a backup media set is used, the more often it is used throughout the backup process. Each additional backup set, added to the backup rotation schedule, is used when the previous ones are not used, doubles the backup history by keeping an older version of data when it is not used.

The Tower of Hanoi rotaion schedule allows having a longer backup history, when compared with the Grandfather-father-son rotation schedule.

See also: Grandfather-father-son, Backup rotation schedule, Backup retention policy.

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