Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 is a next generation of Microsoft Windows Server OS family. Like all other modern OS Windows, it bases on Windows NT and contains some contemporary technological solutions, primarily oriented to cloud storage and processing, as well as to virtualization and SQL databases.

Key Features of Windows Server 2016

You’ll find detailed information about some of these key features listed below:

  • Many cloud storage options. This set of features includes fully functional storage QoS monitoring, synchronized storage replications, modified data transferring protocols and so on.
  • Virtualization technologies. These features include a software-defined network stack, a new configuration file format for virtual machines, modified Hyper-V and many other.
  • Managing and renovations. New functionality contains a feature for dynamic OS re-installing on cluster components, supporting for OpenGL and OpenCL remote usage, publication of apps etc.

Compatibility and Usability

The Microsoft Windows Server 2016 can fulfill all the needs of any user who want to have a modern, functional server-type OS for network servers, especially for cluster and cloud applications. Most server software for other Windows Server solutions preserve compatibility with Windows Server 2016.

SQL DBMS and Virtual Machines

Windows Server 2016 supports dedicated MS SQL server software, as well as other server-type SQL software produced by third-party companies. Among the virtual machines, Windows Server 2016 contains tools for an extended support of Hyper-V and VMware VM solutions, including VM arrays.

Security and Backup

The Windows Server 2016 itself contains many measures and utilities for different security options. As an addition, the new server solution supports third party Windows Server 2016 backup software, as well as backup solutions for common and special server data types.

Read also about Windows Server 2012.

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