Backup Software Evolution or How to Browse Backed up Files

Open backup files and folders in Windows is a hit of backup software features of today. Just imagine that you can manage backed up files and folders in the same way you manage them in a file explorer. So, the software makes you a disk image that is like an actual local disk...

The dream comes true with Handy Backup 7 (or newer versions) delivering the functionality to browse backed up files and a number of other neat features (e.g. VSS to back up locked files).

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First, using the software you can easily (the dummy-friendly way) attach the backup inner file system to your local file system. It means that you can efficiently manage the three main backup roots: “What to Back up”, “Where to Back up”, and “What is Backed up”.

Second, you can keep different backup versions of your data.

Finally, you can open backed up files in Windows, as well as change backup and recovery location. Let’s see a couple of illustrations for the magic.

Outlook Online Backup and Recovery

Say, you backed up your Outlook to an FTP server. With the smart functionality of browsing backup data, you now can open the backup PST file as a catalog with individual letters, read those, and recover some or all of them.

How to Open Backed up Files and Recover to Different Destinations

With the featured software, you can see backup files and folders in Windows using a common file explorer. So, there is always a universal copy-paste procedure if you wish to transfer some parts of data to individual destinations. But to make sure the data is transferred correctly and secure, there is the program functionality to do the same thing.

Also, using the software, you can change the recovery path. Which is an extremely useful option if you wish to restore data not only to the place you took it from, but also to a place on a local drive, FTP server, and cloud storage. You do want to keep backup files in several storage places for the safety of data, don’t you?

SDK Tools for Unlimited Backup Options

To superbly extend the available functionality, customize the utility exactly the way you see it, and get acknowledged by the user community, backup software and programming enthusiasts are highly welcome to use Handy Backup Software Development Kit (SDK). With the options of integrating the software with third-party apps and converting backup data format, SDK tools deliver literally unlimited options to efficiently manage backup data.

With the functionality to open backup files and folders in Windows, starting from the version 7, Handy Backup is a smart tool to access a disk image like a local drive in the file system.


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    What to Back Up

    My Documents backup - one click backup of the My documents folder including pics, videos, music, text files

    Website backup - most reliable solution to protect your business web representation

    Disk Image Backup - back up your hard drive by creating a hard drive image and saving it to the storage medium

    MySQL backup - simple, comprehensive backup of the MySQL database tables

    ODBC Database Backup - back up any ODBC compatible databases including MySQL, Oracle, FoxPro, Interbase, MSSQL, DB2, MS Access, Postgre SQL etc.

    Where to Back Up

    Backup to DVD-R - record your backups to DVD-R with our in-built DVD burning tool

    Backup USB - back up your data to any USB connected device such as USB flash key

    Backup to FTP - transfer your backups to remote FTP server for more data security

    How to Back Up

    Synchronizing files and folders - one click synchronization of files and folders across multiple locations including remote FTP servers

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