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Disk image is a snapshot of a hard disk, which is made through sector-based copying, without querying file system. This is the most complete approach to PC backup, as it allows backing up system with all drivers, applications, settings, documents, music and other information. To create an HDD snapshot, you need a special disk imaging software, such as Handy Backup.

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Version 7.8.7, built on 2 December, 2016
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Imaging Disks and Partitions

Complete Image of Entire Disk or Any Partition

While disk imaging can’t be used for “targeted” backup (since it is practically impossible to address HDD sectors occupied by specific files), it is perfect for creating snapshots of any individual partition, or HDD as a whole.

Backup Storage

Variety of Supported Storage

We’ve taken great efforts to make disk imaging with our software as easy as possible. All you need is a proper storage for the snapshot, which can be local media (e.g. secondary hard drive), network location (e.g. FTP), or other place.

Workstation Backup

Back up Disk Images of Network Computers

Unlike most other disk imaging software, our utility also enables you to back up drive snapshots of networked workstations. For more information, please learn about Handy Backup Server Network.

Recommended Software

Handy Backup Professional

Version 7.8.7, built on 2 December, 2016 . 65.0 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 99 USD per license.

Handy Backup Professional

To create disk images, you need the Professional edition: it has everything a contemporary image backup software should have. Free 30-days trial version!

Bootable Backup and Recovery Solution

Our software comes with a Disaster Recovery module designed to facilitate backup and recovery of disk images, through a bootable USB drive. If your main system crashes and you can’t even boot your computer, you’ll be able to boot the PC from a recovery drive and restore your hard disk data to a working state. For more information, please read about Disaster Recovery features.

Using Disk Image Backup Software

Though disk imaging is usually considered more as run-once backup procedure, Handy Backup allows performing it automatically, on a scheduled basis. Convenient Task Wizard helps you to add hard drive image to backup set (in the same way how you back up files), and enable all related options, including verification, compression, encryption and other.

Selecting data of the Disk Image plug-in

To learn more about using our image backup software, please see Image Backup in the User Manual.

Handy Backup - reliable disk imaging software for Windows computers!


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    Handy Backup Professional

    $99 per license

    Upgrade to version 7

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    1 license$99 per unit
    2-9 licenses$84 per unit
    10-49 licensescontact us$84 per unit

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