The program doesn’t perform incremental backups with timestamps

In conjunction with the 'incremental backup' option, the 'timestamp' feature works in the following way:

Once the 'timestamp accuracy value' is passed timewise, when an operation is launched, a new folder is created and a full backup is performed to fill a new folder. Then, if an operation is launched within the 'timestamp accuracy value', incremental backup is performed. If an operation is launched after one or more periods specified by the 'timestamp accuracy value' are expired, a new folder is created with a full backup.

In order to backup changed files, first a full backup needs to be performed to a new folder, and only then incremental backups will be possible.

Here are possible solutions, depending on the backup requirements:

  • If you want to have numerous versions in short period of time, folders will be created and full backups are performed to every new folder and incremental backups within the “timestamp accuracy” time period.
  • If you want to have a few versions of files, you can save 2-3 versions using a high timestamp accuracy value.
  • If you just want incremental backup performed and you are content if it is performed to the same folder, you can disable the timestamp feature.

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