Handy Backup Workstation x64

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Handy Backup Workstation x64 allows Handy Backup to access, copy and restore data of 64-bit applications. At present, it has plug-ins for two programs: MS Exchange x64 and MSSQL x64. To back up 64-bit versions of Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft SQL Server, you need to install the Workstation it in addition to the core Handy Backup application.

Download Handy Backup Workstation x64

Installing Handy Backup Workstation x64

Installation is different for standalone (local) edition of Handy Backup and Handy Backup Server Network:

  • Local Backup. If you are using a local version of Handy Backup, then you need to install both programs on the same computer where your Exchange/SQL Server is located.
  • Network Backup. If you are using Handy Backup Server Network, then you need to install Workstation on the computer with Exchange/SQL Server, and then configure it, so it can send the data to Handy Backup Server Network.

Backing up 64-bit Exchange/SQL on Local Server

Any copy of Handy Backup or Handy Backup Server Network is packed with all plug-ins, including MS Exchange x64 and MSSQL x64:

Since Handy Backup is designed for 32-bit platforms, these plug-ins can’t connect to the applications directly. Instead, they connect to Handy Backup Workstation x64 which then lets them back up and restore 64-bit Exchange/SQL Server.

To back up 64-bit version of MS Exchange Server or MS SQL Server on a local server, follow steps:

  1. Download and install Handy Backup.
  2. Download and install Handy Backup Workstation x64.
  3. Open Handy Backup, create a backup task, and then select MS Exchange x64 and MSSQL x64.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) near the plug-in name to expand the tree view. If you can see your server, then everything was installed correctly:

Backing up 64-bit Exchange/SQL on Remote Servers

Basically, Handy Backup Workstation x64 is a common Workstation of Handy Backup Server Network. The only difference is that it is designed for 64-bit platforms, and has only three plug-ins:

  • MS Exchange x64. The plug-in can backup MS Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003, 64-bit editions.
  • MSSQL x64. The plug-in can back up MS SQL Server 2008, 2005, 2000, both 64-bit and 32-bit versions.
  • File System x64. The plug-in allows backing up files and folders. It is identical to common File System plug-in, and was included into the Workstation for licensing considerations (see below).

Installation is very similar to common installation of Handy Backup Workstation:

  1. Install Handy Backup Workstation x64 on the server where your MS Exchange/SQL Server is located.
  2. When the installation finishes, the Workstation Configuration window will open:
  1. Specify Server host name (network name or IP address of Handy Backup Server Network), Backup administrator login (account to be used for backing up and restoring data on this computer) and Workstation name. Default workstation name comes with the '_x64' postfix: it is added to prevent conflicts with 32-bit workstations installed on this computer.

Licensing of Handy Backup Workstation x64

Licensing is different for standalone (local) edition of Handy Backup and Handy Backup Server Network:

  • Local Backup. In order to use MS Exchange x64 or MSSQL x64 plug-ins with a standalone (local) version of Handy Backup, your registration number must allow using common MS Exchange/MSSQL plug-ins.
  • Network Backup. In Handy Backup Server Network, 64-bit workstations are licensed individually, similarly to common 32-bit workstations. Using both workstations on one computer requires two “spots” of Handy Backup Server Network’s backup network.

For example, a standard package of Handy Backup Server Network includes 5 workstation licenses: it can access data and create tasks for no more than 5 networked computers. Adding an additional workstation, be it a common 32-bit, or a new 64-bit workstation, requires you to upgrade the Server’s registration number. To do it, please contact us at sales@handybackup.net.

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