XRef AutoCAD to Cloud Feature

The Xref option allows Handy Backup to store data from or to an Xref.com cloud service account.

Using an Xref Feature for Backup

To imply an Xref instrument for backing up data from a particular account, use the next steps:

  1. Make a new backup task, and select an “Xref AutoCAD to Cloud” on a Step 2. You will see a new window.
New configuration XRef

  1. Double-click on a “New configuration…” option; it opens an account settings dialog.
Configuration XRef.com account email and password

Note: You can create a new account on a Xref cloud service by using a button called “Create an account” below registration fields.

  1. Enter your email and password for an Xref account in appropriated fields. Press “OK”.
  2. Click twice on your Xref account name in the tool window to set data for backup.
Select data you need to back up from XRef

  1. Select data you need to save from Xref.com by marking these data with checkboxes.
  2. Press “OK” to return to the data selection and proceed to make a new task as usual.

Making an Xref Account a Backup Storage Media

All steps described earlier are also actual for creating a link to some Xref account when using it as a destination for backups. Select a dataset on a Step 2, and make a new configuration if you need it on a Step 3 for your Xref.com account.

Restoring from Xref Accounts

To restore data, you must firstly provide a connection to Xref via the “New configuration…” dialog, as described for backing up to Xref. Then use the file backup.hbi located at your Xref account as usual.

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