Incremental, Differential and Mixed Backup

Incremental, Differential and Mixed Backups are special methods of backup based on keeping only changes made since the last backup.

By default, on Step 4 of New Task Wizard Full backup option is selected:

Select Full Backup

Differential backup saves not all the data, but only changes made since the last full backup.

Incremental backup saves only the changes made from the last successful incremental backup.

Mixed backup repeatingly creates a full backup and a couple of differential backups, then a next full backup and so on.

To change backup options, proceed to the step number 4 “Advanced backup settings”. Select dirrefential or incremental backup options.

Select Differential Backup

Note: Encryption of your backup do not depend on compression options selected earlier.


To access versioning options, click Versioning rotation settings button

Versioned Backup Settings

Versioning is optional. It is used when you only need to keep last backups. There are some options here:

  1. Keep all versions. Program does not delete any backups.
  2. Keep only last versions. Specify the number of versions to keep by entering number.
  3. Keep old version for a period. Enter the time period for keeping backups.

Comparison settings

To access Comparison settings, click Change button on Step 4 in New Task Wizard

Comparison Settings

Comparison settings are optional. It is used when it’s neccessary to specify the way for file comparation.

  1. File size. Files are compared by size.
  2. Creation time. Files are compared by creation time.
  3. Modification time. Files are compared by the time modified.

It’s possible to check several options in this box

Error handling

To access Error handling, click Change button on Step 4 in New Task Wizard in Error handling section.

Error Handling

Error handling is optional. It is set up by default in Stop-on-critical-error state (recommended option). There are three options available:

  1. Stop on critical errors, ignore non-critical errors. This is recomended option for most users.
  2. Stop on any error. This option selected will stop the program in the case of any error.
  3. Don’t stop on errors, copy as much as possible. The program will not stop with that option, but some data may be not copied in the case of error.

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