New Task Wizard - Scheduling (Step 6, 5 or 4)

This page describes task scheduling with the New Task Wizard.

This step is similar for all types of tasks: step 6 of backup task, step 4 or 5 of restore task, and step 5 of synchronize task.

Task scheduling

To set up a schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Check Enable scheduler.
  2. Select start date and time.
  3. If you want the task to be repeated automatically, check Repeat.

You can repeat the task daily, weekly, monthly, or with any custom period.

  1. Check Run the missed schedules if you want the program to automatically run missed tasks on program startup.

Besides time-based scheduling, you can also run the task on plugging a particular USB device (linked to a task) into a USB slot on your PC. The program will recognize the device regardless of a slot used.

  1. When finished, click Next.

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