Using the Startup Wizard (Standalone Edition)

When you run the program for the first time, and it doesn’t find any tasks from previous installations, it automatically opens a Startup Wizard.

Selecting default destination in Startup Wizard

The Startup Wizard demonstrates main principles of the program and helps you to create first backup tasks.

  1. On the first step of the Startup Wizard, you need to select the default destination for your backups.

Each backup task must have a non-empty destination parameter. Specifying default destination helps you create tasks faster: when creating a new backup, it lets you skip selection of target folder. Default is also used in sample tasks created by the Startup Wizard.

The first window offers three options:

  • Online Backup. This is option selects Novosoft Remote Backup Service – advanced cloud storage closely integrated with the software. When you select it, it doesn’t require any additional registration; the account is created automatically. To learn more, please refer to a description of the Online Backup plug-in.
  • Backups. This option creates a Backups folder in the Windows User folder, and selects it as a destination.
  • Another destination. This option opens a Select Destination dialog that lets you select a custom path for your backups.
Selecting custom default destination in Startup Wizard

Select the desired destination, and then click Next.

  1. On the second step of the Startup Wizard, the program runs a quick search for data that you can back up, and creates sample backup tasks.
Sample tasks created by Startup Wizard

Sample tasks are created without scheduling, compression, encryption, or other options. For any task, you can click Open details and review or change data set, destination folder (if you don’t want to use the default one) and other parameters. To learn more about possible options, please see Backup Task.

After reviewing the sample tasks, you can click Back up now to run all checked tasks, or Back up later to go to the main program’s window. Further actions are described in Managing Data.

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