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Note: XML-based plug-ins are temporarily unavailable in the latest version, Handy Backup 7.16.0 (released on 31 July, 2018). We are planning to add this feature in several weeks - and if you need it right now, we recommend that you use version 6.9.7 instead.

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Back up QIP 2005

QIP is a popular instant messenger for Windows platform, used by hundreds of thousands of users (mainly in Russian-speaking countries). The new QIP Backup plug-in allows you to back up QIP data and settings easily and quickly, through the common Handy Backup’s interface.

Note: In order to be restored correctly, QIP 2005 must be installed in your system. If you want to restore QIP data after some error, make sure that you have QIP 2005 (or install it), and then perform the restoration procedure.

Program versions: QIP 2005

Will be backed up: logs, settings, skins and other data

Author: Timoshenko Sergey

Release Date: April 8, 2009

Download QIP Backup plug-in - ZIP file, 580 bytes

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