Yahoo Messenger Backup

Note: XML-based plug-ins are temporarily unavailable in the latest version, Handy Backup 7.9.8 (released on 15 December, 2017). We are planning to add this feature in several weeks - and if you need it right now, we recommend that you use version 6.9.7 instead.

Download version 6.9.7

Yahoo Messenger is a communicator for sending instant messages. We have developed a special plug-in to back up files from the Yahoo Messenger. If you download this plug-in you’ll be able to back up your received and shared files, profiles, skins and settings from the Yahoo Messenger application.

Program versions: -
Will be backed up: received and shared files, profiles, skins and settings.
Release Date: 10/04/2006

Download Yahoo Messenger Backup plug-in - ZIP file, 555 bytes

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