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Are you one of the happy owners of T-Mobile G1? Then it is you for whom we worked so hard to develop Handy Backup for Android - a complete implementation of Handy Backup in Android environment.

Now you can backup Android phone similarly to how you back up your PC with common Handy Backup - safely, easily and quickly!

The application is absolutely free of charge, and you can download it through the QR-code to the left, or by searching Android Market for "Handy Backup for Android".

Handy Backup for Android Version History

In March 2009, we released the very first beta version of the program: basically, it was a client software installed on the phone that allowed PC instance of Handy Backup to back up T-Mobile
G1 data on a client-server scheme. Here is how it worked:

Backup T-Mobile G1
  • Handy Backup had a special plug-in which, upon being addressed, tried to locate and connect to Android-driven device in the local network.
  • Android client of Handy Backup enabled interaction between the phone and the PC and allowed the latter to select and back up G1 data as a part of common Handy Backup tasks.

Even though many users enjoyed and appreciated the ability to have full control over their T-Mobile G1 backups, it was apparent that there was a strong demand for a standalone backup application for Android, and we started working on a solution.

Today’s Backup Solution

Now we are happy to have released Handy Backup for Android that allows backing up the following data of T-Mobile G1:

  • SMS messages
  • Contacts - saved in VCard format (enables to import to Outlook or any other software)
  • Call Logs
  • SD Card contents

The new version has the same architecture as the desktop version of Handy Backup. All operations are organized into tasks that define what to back up, where to backup and processing options.

Backup sets and destinations are chosen through plug-ins, which allows us (as developers) to easily add support for new types of data and transferring protocols.

At present, Handy Backup for Android can’t backup T-Mobile G1 data to networked places. But this functionality is among the three plug-ins that we are planning to add in the nearest future. The upcoming versions will have the following:

  • Support for backing up to FTP locations
  • Support for backing up G1 data to PC (the functionality of the very first beta will be restored)
  • Image-based backup

For a detailed guide on T-Mobile G1 Backup, refer to Android Mobile Backup in the User Manual.

Back up your Android phone with Handy Backup - it’s easy and reliable!


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