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I’ve been using Handy Backup for years, and I like Handy Backup because it allows me to backup to native file format, and if I want to secure certain files and folder backups, I can compress and encrypt them easily. In my experience the program was also very stable compared to the others I tested.

Customer feedback from NetSec

I have tested several network backup products. Some are a lot more sophisticated and expensive but cannot handle the three things I needed: workstation backup, LAN asset backup and Website backup (FTP) for multiple environments and tasks. Good work.

Bruce G. Mills, Designer/Developer,, Customer, June 29, 2010

Great product. I am a database systems architect, with a background in Windows and Mobile development. You have a great product and have earned a loyal customer.

Customer feedback from Michael H.

I can recommend Handy Backup as an experienced IT professional. I find it to be the easiest to use and one of the most reliable backup programs.

Mark Cowell, Customer, 2008

Generally very efficient program, which takes the hassle out of manually checking or doing individual files, especially when there are thousands of them.

Customer feedback from John Richard Jones, 2008

I have enjoyed it's ease of use and various capabilities....i look forward to using this tool quiet a bit.

Kareem McCarthy, IT Manager, CSE, Customer

The easiest and best back up, IT pro should use Handy Backup.

Peter Luu, IT Manager, Wabtec Australia, Client

Great program. I like to install it in all my clients' computers.

IT Expert

I found this program very easy to use, without complications and extensive setup manipulations.

Kahn Chaddock, Consulting Computer Engineer (retired), Client

Handy Backup is very much appreciated for easiness of use. Please, keep it simple!

Client reference by Denis G - IT Manager

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