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State of the art customer service from Novosoft, since years!!!

User testimonial by Dr. Bernardo Wesler

Just bought another license of Handy Backup - your support/sales team was a huge help! Thanks!

Patrick Binning, User

Handy Backup is a wonderful program and I tell all of my customers to buy it. Easy to use, safe and secure. I am very impressed with the software as well as the support & sales dept.

Adam Williams, User

Handy Backup is great! Been using it for over 5 years now and never a problem. Tech Support has always been prompt to answer any questions I’ve had.

User testimonial by Gregory

Excellent product, user friendly and has all the backup features required. Customer service is excellent. I have used the basic version in at least a dozen of my accounts and never had a problem.

User testimonial by John Volo

The trial period helped me to decide. The helpful support team made it easy for me to work with the program and I have no problem making a recommendation for other people to purchase.

Michael, User, 2008

I might say this is excellent Program. Regarding with as an IT Support it will help a lot to me. Thanks to you guys who created this kind of useful software. Keep the good work Peeps!

Tony Bachman

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