Handy Backup Standard 2014: Easy Backup Software for Windows

Handy Backup Standard

Handy Backup™ Standard is an easy to use and reliable backup solution with a rich set of features and well-thought user interface. The program is known as one of the best backup software for home and SoHo PCs.

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Version 7.7.2
54.2 MB

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Select any Data to Back Up

Manage your backup data via the classic-looking interface, requiring no special skills for using the software.

  • Back up Windows files, folders and popular apps
  • Back up photo, video, music, documents
  • Rich functionality of Email backup, including Outlook Backup
  • Back up files, using file masks (“*.docx”, “*.jpg”, “*. xslx” etc.)
  • Back up Websites through the backup from FTP
  • Variety of plug-ins automating backup of apps and databases.

Back Up Wherever You Want

Ensure complete safety and availability of your saved data using any combination of modern storage media such as:

  • Keep data on built-in local hard drives
  • Network backup via FTP
  • Backup to external drives (USB, FireWire and Flash backup)
  • Network backup using NAS
  • Using the integrated Online Backup Service HBDrive
  • Backup data using WebDAV protocol.

Wide Functionality and Advanced Backup Options

Appreciate a comfort with Handy Backup Standard Solution, creating and performing all the backup task types you need.

  • Automatically performing scheduled tasks on a regular basis
  • Executing all sorts of full, incremental and differential backup
  • Strong encryption and ZIP compression of data kept or sent
  • Running Backup as Windows Service for minimizing user distractions
  • Starting other applications before or after any particular backup task
  • Email notifications and activity logging
  • Backup with timestamps. See time stamp backup...

Simplicity of Restoration and Synchronization

Handy Backup Standard Utility can restore your data when and where you wish.

  • Viewing and managing data backed up in native file format
  • Effectively organizing restoration through the same interface as for backup
  • Synchronizing and mirroring data.

System Requirements

  • Standalone OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP of all editions
  • Server OS: Windows Server 2012/2011 Small Business Edition/2008/2008R2/2003
  • Linux compatibility: under OS Linux the program can be used with Wine compatibility layer
  • Other requirements: 25 MB of free disk space, 128 Mb of RAM, Internet connection

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Version 7.7.2, built on October 05, 2015
54.2 MB

Customers about Handy Backup

I’ve been using Handy Backup for years, and I like this software because it allows me to backup to native file format, and if I want to secure certain files and folder backups, I can compress and encrypt them easily. In my experience the program was also very stable compared to the others I tested.

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“I like Handy Backup because it has a simple interface and it is easy to recover individual files from the backup set”.

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