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Website Backup

Website Backup is a matter of major importance for users and companies owning websites. Handy Backup allows backing up static website pages via FTP, as well as using SQL database backup for saving dynamic content.

Download Handy Backup

Version 7.8.0, built on 13 May, 2016
58.1 MB

Web Server Backup

Web Server Backup

Websites commonly depend on files (scripts, images, HTML, etc.) and databases (MySQL, MS SQL or other). Our program lets you protect the both data types; therefore, in case of a disaster, web server downtime will be reduced to the minimum.

Backup Data from FTP Server

Access Files on FTP, SFTP and FTPS Servers

Our backup software can access FTP data in both directions: to back up files from an FTP server, and to store backups to FTP. Along with database backup, this is a commonly perfect solution for any types of website backup.

Database Backup

Database Backup

If you have a large website with thousands of pages, SQL-based database engines will keep some data (called a dynamic content) or even all website information for you. For web site backup, our backup utility can copy MS SQL, MySQL and other databases without stopping usual jobs.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Professional

Version 7.8.0, built on 13 May, 2016 . 58.1 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 99 USD per license.

Handy Backup Professional

To back up website files and databases, you need a copy of Handy Backup Professional edition or higher. Free 30-days trial version!

Backing up Your Website

Unlike some website backup software, Handy Backup does not rely of saving browsed website content. Instead, it uses a direct access to web server files, so you can make a complete online website backup without exceptions, and always bring it back to work in case of a disaster.

List of Supported Databases:

Database backup plug-ins

Database backup plug-ins: MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and any ODBC-driven DBMS

Cloning Website Servers

Backing up your website allows minimizing the risk of data loss in case of a disaster and reducing downtime of your server to the minimum. Time is money - the less your site is unavailable, the less expenditures it causes.

For most important projects, it is wise to not only have a backup and recovery plan, but also have a complete backup server. With Handy Backup, you can easily keep several files and databases in sync, so you can always use an alternative server if the original one fails.

Keep files and databases in sync

You can also clone a server by restoring website backup to a different computer (of course, the destination web server must have a similar configuration).

Download Handy Backup

Version 7.8.0, built on 13 May, 2016
58.1 MB

From now on, website backup is as easy as a 1-2-3!

Video Example

Handy Backup allows backing up website via FTP, as well as using SQL database backup.

Note: Instructions in this video suggest that you already have Handy Backup installed on your computer. If you still have not done so, do not hesitate to download a copy of it.

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  • Jaren | 2012-10-24 07:36:44

    As to database backup I need FoxPro and Oracle backups, it seems Handy Backup have them.В 

  • HB_Moderator | 2012-11-12 05:20:02

    Yes, Handy Backup provides backup of the data base programs.

  • GaryNVee | 2012-10-22 05:25:39

    It seems I should try the website backup, many oops happened recently.)) Why did not I do this earlier?

  • HB_Moderator | 2012-11-12 05:17:06

    Welcome), please find detailed information regarding to Handy Backup versions

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