New Task Wizard - Step 1: Choose Task Type

All tasks are created with the New Task Wizard. To run the Wizard, click the New Task button on the program’s toolbar.

Click the New Task button on the toolbar

The New Task Wizard opens.

Choose Task Type

On the first step of the New Task Wizard, you need to select task type.

  • Backup tasks are used to create copies of data, with versioning, compression, encryption, and other options. For each backup, the program creates a number of control files that are required for restoration.
  • Restore tasks are used to restore data backed up with the program, with automatic unZIPping, decryption, etc. To roll back to a previous version of your data, you need to select the respective backup.hbi file created during a backup task.
  • Synchronize tasks are used for common synchronization of files and folders, without any options. They are useful if you don’t to save multiple copies of different versions of files, and need no compression or other options.

Each task can be run once or scheduled. To create a task, you need to complete all steps of the New Task Wizard. See next chapters for detailed description of all steps.

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