Version 8.5.3: PostgreSQL 16 Support and SSL Connections for PostgreSQL and MySQL

Database backup via SSL

March 05, 2024

Dear users! With the release of version 8.5.3 of Handy Backup, we have integrated support for SSL connections to both PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, along with updating the PostgreSQL library to version 16. These enhancements guarantee an enhanced level of security and reliability for your data during backup operations.

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SSL Connection Capability for PostgreSQL and MySQL

In the latest version of the software, we have added the ability to establish SSL connections to PostgreSQL and MySQL servers. Within the new "SSL" tab, users can select their preferred SSL connection mode, define the path to the root certificate, and specify the path to both the client certificate and its key. This feature enables users to effortlessly configure SSL parameters necessary for secure data exchange between the Handy Backup application and the corresponding database servers.

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Library Update for PostgreSQL 16

In the latest version, support for PostgreSQL 16 databases has been added. According to information provided by PostgreSQL developers, the new version of the DBMS incorporates advanced SQL/JSON syntax, enhanced statistics monitoring, and expanded access control mechanisms. Handy Backup 8.5.3 allows for efficient and accurate backup of PostgreSQL databases.

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