Handy Backup

™ is an automated backup and recovery solution for any home PC or business server

Stay protected while sleeping, working or having fun!

Best Small Business App by PCMag

Software designed to seamlessly backup applications that are mission-critical to many SMBs...

Handy Backup Standard

Handy Backup Standard

Easy-to-use PC backup utility that automatically backs up documents and apps. Supports backup to Dropbox, FTP, external drives and Google Drive backup.

Handy Backup Professional

Handy Backup Professional

Powerful computer backup software featuring HDD image backup, hard drive cloning, and a range of security options.

Handy Backup Small Server

Handy Backup Small Server

Full-featured utility that lets you back up server applications. Features MS SQL Server Backup, MS Exchange Server Backup, MySQL backup and other functions.

Handy Backup Network

Handy Backup Network

Client-server backup solution that lets you back up files and folders of multiple network workstations from one control point.

Handy Backup Server Network

Handy Backup Server Network

Client-server backup solution for businesses that rely on databases. Allows managing backup and recovery of multiple network servers from one control point.

Support for Industry-Standard Technologies

Handy Backup carries multiple awards and logos proving compatibility with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and other home and business software.

Handy Backup Online

Online Backup Service HBDrive

Handy Backup is integrated with HBDrive - Online Backup service which lets you back up data to our secure data centers.

Online Backup Service HBDrive is a distributed data repository located in an underground data center, certified under SAS70. With 99.9% uptime, 1Gb bandwidth and a network of top-notch data servers, it is superbly protected against disasters of any kind.

You can create or upgrade Online Backup account through the form below:

 5 Gb50 Gb250 Gb
1 month
1 year

Total price: Free

Automatic Backup and Fast Recovery

To ensure the highest level of backup security and integrity, Handy Backup is equipped with a flexible scheduling engine that runs backups automatically.

If your computer crashes, or you accidentally delete some important files, you will need just a couple of clicks to restore a backup and roll back to any past snapshot of your data.

No matter if you want to create a disk image of your home PC, or build a data retention plan for a large company with multiple servers and workstations, Handy Backup will serve you the best in your Windows backup software operation!

Backup Anything: from Home PC to Enterprise Network

Handy Backup is a real Swiss Army Knife of data security tools. It is not limited to files and folders backup, but provides an all-included solution for users of all areas and levels of expertise when they need good backup software for Windows.

The utility is excellent for home users: you can back up Windows libraries (Documents, Pictures and other), instant messengers, emails clients and other popular applications with just a single click! And for business use, there are many options for backing up server applications (including MS SQL, MS Exchange, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL Backup), and a range of advanced security options.

Handy Backup Server Network is a client-server solution that allows performing complete backup of a corporate network from a single control point.

Backup Anywhere: from Local Drives to Cloud Servers

Handy Backup supports virtually any storage device and protocol. In addition to local and external hard drives, this backup software for Windows can backup to NAS, Amazon cloud or Google Drive.

Integrated SFTP/FTPS/FTP backup engine lets you store files at remote servers, to save them from local IT threats. The software offers a built-in Online Backup service.

Business backup software Handy Backup Server Network allows creating a centralized backup server that controls all operations related to backing up and recovering company’s workstations.

Extensibility, Updates & Additional Services

Designed with extensibility in mind, Handy Backup enables you to upgrade to any other edition, or add any feature you need. For example, Standard edition can be upgraded with any database backup function from Small Server edition.

Flexible architecture allows us, as developers, to quickly develop new data backup plug-ins, and add new processing and storage options in order to enhance our Windows backup software even futher. It also makes it relatively easy to port the Handy Backup software to non-Windows platforms.

Ease of Use & Focus on User Experience

We put a lot of thought into the look and feel of Handy Backup. Be you a home user wanting to back up HDD with memorable pictures, or a developer looking for an Oracle backup solution, the software will help you do it in a very simple and efficient manner.

All customers are entitled to unlimited free support by phone, e-mail, or instant messengers, and we also have many great partners and a solid user community who can always help you to get started with Handy Backup.

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