Support for RED OS in the Server Solution

April 24, 2024

Dear users, we are pleased to announce that Handy Backup Server Network now includes support for a network agent designed specifically for the Red OS operating system. This enhancement enables seamless backup of files and PostgreSQL databases within the Red OS Linux distribution.

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Version 8.5.4 , built on June 13, 2024. 116 MB

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*For further details on network agent connection settings, please refer to the user manual.

Red OS distribution support

To create backups of the file system and PostgreSQL databases in Red OS Linux using the server version of Handy Backup Server Network, users must first install the Handy Backup control panel on a computer running the Windows operating system. Subsequently, on a computer managed by Red OS, it is necessary to install a workstation running Linux. Once the agent is successfully installed on the workstation, users can configure and execute backups of files and PostgreSQL databases.

Installation instructions

Handy Backup, as an efficient PostgreSQL backup software, provides numerous benefits:

  • Execution of hot backups to ensure uninterrupted operation of applications and services.
  • Data security provided by SSL connection and AES 256 and Blowfish encryption.
  • A wide range of supported data storage options, including NAS, FTP, cloud services, and others, allowing for maximum flexibility in selecting backup storage methods.

If you require backups of other types of data, please contact us at, and we will notify you when the corresponding functionality is added.

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