Handy Backup Screenshots

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Backup Tips

This window on StartUp gives you a random tip about Handy Backup basics

Select Backup Type

Here you are to choose a task type: Backup, Restore or Synchronize

Select Backup Set

Here you need to choose what will make up contents of the backup, which files will be included and which - excluded.

Slect Backup Destination

If you selected DVD-R/DVD-RW for the task, specify the parameters of a record session

Set up Backup Schedule

Here you can set up a schedule (daily, certain weekdays, etc.), define the task performance on user logon and logoff

Finish the Backup Creation

This window gives you summary of the task; if anything wrong, you can go back and redo that step

Set up backup service

In this window you can define user’s name whose tasks will be run in "Service" mode

Set up backup notifications

In this "E-mail Notification" window you can set up parameters of your e-mail account if you want Handy Backup to notify you about task results.

Select Local or LAN backup destination

Browse a folder for your backup set if you chose Local/LAN destination

Select FTP server as backup destination

Define FTP and account parameters for the task if you wish to backup at an FTP server.

Set up proxy settings to perform the backup

In this window you can describe proxy and SOCKS parameters

Select SFTP server as backup destination

Define SFTP and account parameters for the task if you wish to backup at an SFTP server - Secure FTP service.

Use Novosoft Remote Backup service as a backup destination

Specify the user name and password of your Handy Backup Online account.

Use backup plugins to simlify the process of backup

Here you can choose content for backing up

Select types of files to backup

Here you need to choose what will make up contents of the backup, which files will be included and which - excluded.

Choose whether you want to compress your files or encrypt them

If you want to archive backup files or/and protect them with encryption, you can do it here.

Register your copy of Handy Backup

In this window you can register your Handy Backup copy.

Set up timestamps for backup

Here you can define special marks called timestamps to denote time when backup task is done.

Select whether to backup hidden or system files

Here you can exclude some sorts of files from your backup task, e.g. hidden or system files.

Use backup plugins to easily backup your favourite applications

Here you can see what plug-in categories and plug-ins you have and add new ones.

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  • RobF11 | 2013-03-07 13:37:49

    It is decent software, used it more than a few times during the review and have it running in the background now to backup stuff to my skydrive and different stuff to my Dropbox.

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