User Manual: Android Mobile Devices

Note: We have discontinued the old program that allowed backing up Android phone’s data to PC on a client-server scheme. We welcome you to try the new version which is a completely standalone application designed to work independently of the computer.

Handy Backup for Android is free and can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Getting Started

Main screen

Android version is very similar to PC version. All operations are organized into tasks, each defined by three parameters:

  • What to back up
  • Where to back up
  • Task name

The starting window displays main control buttons:

  • New Task opens the New Backup Task dialog through which all jobs are set
  • Manage Tasks is used to run or delete tasks (no editing in the current version)
  • Recent Tasks section contains up to two recently created or run tasks
  • Help displays brief usage instructions
  • Exit terminates the program

Using the Program

The program’s interface is very comprehensible and does not require much explanation. The only thing that should be explained is how to select the data to back up, or destination folder to store backup to.

Selecting data
Android phone data

Data available for backup is presented in a tree structure with two root folders, My Phone for all phone-specific data and SD Card for external storages. Selection of a destination folder is similar, and the usage for both of them is as follows:

  • Tapping the folder name expands it, showing all items included into it and hiding all other data. To go back to the upper level, tap its name again.
  • To select an item, check the box near it. Checking a box near a folder selects its entire contents.

At present, the program can back up the following data:

  • SMS messages
  • Contacts
  • Call logs
  • SD Card contents

Note: Contacts are saved in VCard format, so they can be later imported to other messaging software, like Microsoft Outlook.

Selection of a place where to back up resembles selection of SD Card contents. You can select as many folders as you like, and a backup will be placed in all of them.

Note: The program can’t yet back up to other places than the phone’s external storage (SD card). Support for backing up to FTP, as well as compatibility with PC instance of Handy Backup (the way it worked in the very first beta) will be added in one of the nearest updates.

Restoring Android Data

Managing tasks

To restore data backup to its original place:

  1. Go to the task details via the Manage Tasks dialog, or the Recent Tasks section on the main screen
  2. Tap Restore.

The utility will restore the data back to its original place. If during configuration of the backup task you defined several destination folders, the procedure will firstly restore data the first one, and then, if it for some reason fails, continue to the others, one by one.

Note: Be careful during restoration of contacts and messages, because the program doesn’t support “selective” restoration and enables you to roll back to an exact state in the past only, deleting all changes that took place after the backup.

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