Download XML Plug-ins for Handy Backup

Note: XML-based plug-ins are temporarily unavailable in the latest version, Handy Backup 8.5.2 (released on January 16, 2024). We are planning to add this feature in several weeks - and if you need it right now, we recommend that you use version 6.9.7 instead.

Download version 6.9.7

On this page you can download free XML plug-ins for our software.

Free plug-ins allow backing up data and specifics of many popular applications (see the list below). To learn about advanced plug-ins that make up different editions of the program (such as Image Backup plug-in, Database Backup plug-ins, and other), please see Plug-in System.

Free XML Plug-ins

Coming Soon

Make your own plug-in and get a free license!

You have a chance to contribute to development of our software. If you are currently using an application which is not on the list of available plug-ins, you can make a plug-in YOURSELF!

Plug-in creation can be fun, and besides, you will help many users worldwide facilitate their backup with the help of YOUR plug-in!

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and awarded with a free copy of Standard edition with your plug-in included! Also, you will get some publicity on our website as the author of a particular plug-in, please do state otherwise if you want to keep it confidential.

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What to Back Up

Application Backup for PC - experience the might of application backup at first hands!

Outlook Backup - protect data of the most popular messaging client

Backup Exchange 2010 - learn about safeguarding Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Windows 8 Backup - see how our software helps people back up the latest Windows OS

Enterprise Level Backup - our solution for complete backup of all enterprise data

Quicken Online Backup - online backup solution to protect your important financial information

Where to Back Up

WebDAV Backup - store backups of important data to WebDAV-compatible servers

Back up to FTPS - transfer backups to secure FTPS (FTP over SSL) servers

Remote Backup Software - learn about different aspects of offsite backups

How to Back Up

Sync Computers - use the Synchronization feature to make backups

Open File Backup - learn how our tool handles backups of open files (e.g. system data)

Backup with Encryption - read about backup encryption and various aspects of security

Who uses Handy Backup?