Technologies Behind the Software

In this chapter you can find the information about the key technologies of Handy Backup.The main parts of the section are here:


This section describes the architecture of the program and the main features of it’s work. You will learn more about what are the Client, Server, Workstation, and their role in the backup process. Also the technologies used by the program are described (CORBA, VSS, Linux Knoppix, and others).


In this section you can find information about special built-in plug-ins that are used for backup and program’s configuration. Handy Backup effectively makes a backup of different software with plug-ing:

Data Source Plug-ins. Data source plug-ins get the information from any data source, such as a database (Outlook, MySQL, Oracle, Database, MS Exchange, MS Access, DB2, Lotus Notes, 1C) or the computer’s hard drive (Computer, User Folders, Disk Image).

Storage Plug-ins. Storage plug-ins provide the access to the file system. These plug-ins are created for remote backup. At the moment there are the following plugins: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Online, Network, Amazon S3, WebDAV.


This section contains information about the filters included in the program. Now Handy Backup can do a compression (SingleZIP and MultiZIP), and encryption (128-bit BlowFish cipher and 128-bit and 256-bit AES cipher).

Incremental and Differential Backup

This section provides information about the incremental and differential backup technologies. These technologies doesn’t do full backup or overwriting new over the old backup every time, but only save the changes made, so it saves time and disk space.

User Manual contents

Who uses Handy Backup?