Backblaze Plug-in

The Backbaze plug-in allows Handy Backup using Backblaze cloud accounts both as a backup data source and as a storage for data copies.

Using the Backblaze Feature as the Backup Vault

To use the Backblaze plug-in for saving the dataset to a particular Backblaze cloud account, please follow the instruction below:

  1. Make a new backup task, and on a Step 2, choose the dataset you want to back up.
  2. On a Step 3 and select the "BackBlaze" option. You will see the BackBlaze list of options:
Choose backup data storage Backblaze
  1. Double-click on a "New configuration..." string; it will open an account settings dialog.
  2. Create a new configuration (i.e. login and password for a Backblaze account) to set a connection between Backblaze and Handy Backup. Click OK after finishing.
New configuration Backblaze
  1. Click twice on your obtained Backblaze configuration to use it as a data storage.
  2. Click on the “OK” button to continue creating your tasks. Other steps of the task creation are unspecific for backing up to Backblaze cloud.

Backing up from the Backblaze Account

All steps described earlier are also actual for using your Backblaze account as a backup source. Just select and configure the "BackBlaze" feature as a data source on a Step 2, then set up a new configuration or use an existing connection like described before.

Select Backblaze Data for Backup

Restoring Data from Backblaze Account

To retrieve data from a Backblaze cloud account, please use the next sequence of actions.

  1. Open Handy Backup, create a new task and select a restoration task on the Step 1.
  2. On the Step 2, select the BackBlaze plug-in and choose a configuration you need.
  3. Browse your Backblaze account for a file called backup.hbi, which is the index file.
To restore data from OneDrive
  1. Select this file by double-clicking on it to restore your data to its original place.
  2. If you want to restore data from a BackBlaze cloud to another location, click “Change Location”.

    • Select a new location for your information to restore (or just to clone) it.
Restore data from a Backblaze cloud
  1. Click OK and return to the task creation wizard.
  2. Continue to create the restoration task as described in the User Manual. That is all.

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