Storage Plug-ins

Storage plug-ins are components of the software that provide one-to-one mapping to different file systems. They can be used as a source of data, as a target destination for backups, or provide folders for synchronization.

Note: The term “plug-in” in our software doesn’t mean that the respective feature is “minor” in any respect. Plug-ins are used in all operations: for example, to upload files to FTP server, you need the FTP plug-in. To learn about the idea of plug-ins, please refer to Plug-ins.

You can see all storage plug-ins on the third step of the New Task Wizard, in the Storage Destinations pane to the left.

Selecting destination for backups

List of Storage Plug-ins

You can see a full list of storage plug-ins in the table below.

Online BackupAllbothNo, configurable
FTPAllbothNo, configurable
SFTPProfessional+bothNo, configurable
FTPSProfessional+bothNo, configurable
CD/DVDAll32-bit onlyNo, configurable
WebDAV (Multi-cloud)AllbothNo, configurable
Google DriveAllbothNo, configurable
Microsoft OneDriveAllbothNo, configurable
DropboxAllbothNo, configurable
Amazon S3Professional+bothNo, configurable
BackblazeAllbothNo, configurable
BoxAllbothNo, configurable
4sharedAllbothNo, configurable
Xref AutoCADAllbothNo, configurable
Yandex.DiskAllbothNo, configurable

The Computer and Network plug-ins access data with privileges of the user under which the Workstation component runs. All other plug-ins are configurable. To learn about configurations, please see Plug-in Configurations.

Note: The above information may change from the time of publication (version 7.9.1, June 2017).

You can find detailed description of storage plug-ins in the next chapters.

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