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As modern life depends so much on electronic communication and particularly e-mail messaging, creating regular e-mail backups is vital to minimize the possible impact of loss of correspondence and valuable contacts.

However, when it comes to email backup software, it appears that there are so many different e-mail clients that there can be no common technology that could be implemented in a single utility.

Version 7.8.0, built on 13 May, 2016
58.1 MB

Handy Backup’s wide range of features meets needs of most users working under Windows OS. There are a number of features designed for backing up e-mail messages, contacts and accounts:

  • Backup Email Clients. With Handy Backup you can safeguard data and settings of most popular e-mail management applications used today: by default, the program lets you back up MS Outlook, backup Outlook Express, or create Windows Mail backups.

    Also, it can be supplemented with backup plug-ins that can be downloaded and exploited in the program free of charge, e.g. Thunderbird backup.
  • Backup Emails from POP3 Server. The program lets you retrieve e-mail messages directly from the mail server. The Webmail Backup feature has certain limitations (as POP3 protocol provides access to incoming messages only).

    Nevertheless, it can be very useful if you don’t have an e-mail client and manage your mail through web interface.
  • MS Exchange Server Backup. Exchange Server is an enterprise level software that manages messaging and collaboration in companies using Microsoft technologies.

    MS Exchange Server backup is one of the most advanced features of Handy Backup intended for use by IT professionals and system administrators.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 7.8.0, built on 13 May, 2016. 58.1 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

Support for mail clients backup and Email backup from POP3 is available in all editions of Handy Backup. The Exchange Server Backup feature is available in Handy Backup Small Server.

How to Backup Email

Handy Backup has a comprehensible task-based interface which allows backing up emails either as a separate task, or as a part of a bigger data retention scheme.

Backup tasks may include data of different types (files, folders, Outlook data, databases, etc.), can be scheduled and have multiple properties which are applied to the selected data set: full or incremental backup, compression, encryption, and other.

  • To back up Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail, you need to select Outlook, and the utility will automatically locate all data and display it in a tree-structured form.
  • To back up incoming messages from a POP3 mail server, select Email Messages.
  • To back up Exchange Server, select MS Exchange. Note: this feature is not available in Standard or Professional editions of Handy Backup.

Learn how to install backup plug-ins and back up Mozilla, The Bat! Pro and other clients.

Benefits of Email Backup from POP3

  • If you back up mail messages directly from the mail server, you will be able to open them with any mail client because the format (.eml) is supported by all mail clients.
  • Backup setup is extremely easy - you only need to specify your server, login and password.
  • Handy Backup will check the settings of your mail server and tell you if they are correct or not.
  • You don’t have to download the web page of your mail service. Instead, you can back up messages to a local computer and read them in the offline mode.

For a detailed help on how to backup emails from POP3 mail server, please refer to E-mail Box Backup in the User Manual.

See the full list of backup features of our software.

Handy Backup - your email backups have never been made easier!

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