Online Image Backup: System Snapshots on the Run

Online Image Backup is a complete copy of all hard drive data, which is made on a physical level, with no service interruption. Disk images are created through a fundamentally different approach, than file copies, and allow backing up data that can’t be accessed with common methods.

Particularly, disk image includes HDD boot records, partition table, system files, etc. The most important requirement for disk imaging efficiency is support of online image backup.

Handy Backup Standard

Version 7.9.6, built on 13 November, 2017. 65.8 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Home Standard

Download Home Standard and see how the Windows backup script below stands against a specialized software!

Online image backup is a great way to improve system performance during the data reserving process. During this type of data protection (also called hot image backup) there are possible errors and time delays. If done in a rush, the reserve copying can do more harm, than good. In order to avoid all of these, let’s see how to image a hard drive properly.

Some Strategies for Online System Image Backup

The process of online disk image backup is connected with the concept of online data storage. In our case it’s used as a destination folder for the online image backup. By this, you do not use any of the partitions of your hard drive, while performing sector backup. As a result, you not only experience the great boost in the speed but get rid of all the mistakes as well.

An alternate way for the online image backup is to utilize another physical device as a storage. For instance, you can set another hard drive as a destination for the files your copy. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you are doing online system image backup or the local one - you should avoid using for the storage the same hard drive you back up.

Also, make sure you are not running lots of applications during the online image backup because it also affects the total amount of time.

Online Image Backup Software: Handy Backup

Today there is a vast amount of programs for the online disk image backup (from free image backup apps to complicated pro solutions for enterprises). Handy Backup stands as one of the best professional solutions at the current software market. The program is capable of hot image backup, therefore letting you to copy the system volume without interrupting the system itself.

Version 7.9.6, built on 13 November, 2017
65.8 MB

Forget about reboots and maintenance time. Online image backup is performed with Disk Image plug-in and is the default backup option in the Task Wizard. Choose Handy Backup as your online image backup software and enjoy its’ professional performance and natural, easy-to-use interface.

Store your data online with Handy Backup and feel secure!

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