Clone Hard Drive and Disk Partitions

To clone hard drive, you need to perform sector-level HDD copying which operates independently from the file system. Common file copying tools can’t clone boot disks or partitions with a file system incompatible with the active one.

That’s why hard disk cloning requires the use of special software, such as Handy Backup.

Version 7.8.7, built on 2 December, 2016
65.0 MB

Complete HDD Backup

Copy HDD Boot Information and Operating System

Through the disk imaging feature, Handy Backup performs sector-by-sector HDD copying which reproduces the entire hard drive contents including boot information, operating system, and other data that can’t be copied as files.

Fast HDD Recovery

Ensure Fast System Recovery

Keeping a hard disk clone is the fastest way to get back to work after major breakdowns. Simply connect the clone HDD, restore most recent files, and you will return to the same system state as it’s been before the disaster.

Remote Workstation Backup

Back up and Clone Hard Drives over the Network

Server Network edition lets you clone hard drives of networked computers, on a client-server scheme. This allows administrators to protect all enterprise data from a single control point! Learn more about Handy Backup Server Network.

Transferring System to Another HDD

HDD cloning is a perfect solution when you want to upgrade your hard disk to a larger one, or contrariwise move the system to a smaller one and free the old HDD. It allows you to easily duplicate all data without having to install the OS and software and to copy files to the new disk.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Professional

Version 7.8.7, built on 2 December, 2016 . 65.0 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 99 USD per license.

Handy Backup Professional

To clone hard drives and create full hard drive images, you need Handy Backup Professional edition, or higher.

Cloning System to Set Up Multiple Identical Computers

Unlike most other disk clone/backup utilities, Handy Backup allows you to schedule hard drive cloning. Being performed on a regular basis, this allows restoring computers to a “master” state which is free of malfunctioning, inappropriate software or content.

This capability is of great usefulness for educational institutes, Internet cafes, and other similar organizations.

Using Image-Based Backup

With Handy Backup you can quickly and effectively clone computer HDD or any separate partition. You only need to create an image-based backup, and then restore it to a different device.

Keep in mind that this operation must be done very carefully, because mistakes in configuration (e.g. wrong destination) may result in loss of a large amount of data.

For a complete guide on cloning partitions or entire hard drives with Handy Backup, please refer to the User Manual.

Hard drive cloning is easy and accurate with Handy Backup!

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