Backup-Related Features

Handy Backup has a pack of features allowing users fully controlling what, where, when and how to take copies of any data on their PCs or even networks. Some editions allow purchasing feature when a user feel a need for it; other, like a Small Server solution, already contain a most or even all features out-of-the-box.

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Version 8.0.5, built on 20 August, 2019
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To compare feature set from different editions, please refer to the Backup Software Comparison Chart. For convenience in browsing, all features are logically divided into several categories:

Backup Data with Handy Backup

What to Back up

What to Back up

Thanks to a well-developed plug-in architecture, the list of supported data source options can impress or even enjoy. With Handy Backup, you can work with different file systems, databases, applications, and much more.

  • File Backup - you can back up any data as individual files and folders, or using of advanced plug-ins for specific data types.
  • User Folder Backup – saves a content from typical folders like Documents, Favorites, Desktop, and other Windows user folders.
  • Windows Libraries Backup - takes a snapshot from any Windows common library, like Documents, Images or Video.
  • Image Backup - hard disk imaging allows you to copy PC data completely, with all documents, operating system and applications.

Local Data Sources
  • Outlook Backup – backs up your Outlook local data, including emails, contacts, events and so on.
  • Backup Music - save your collection of music and audio files in every format you have: MP3, Virbis OGG, WMV etc.
  • Backup Videos - take a snapshot of your movie collection, video data or homemade films stored in any video format available!
  • Photo Backup - back up your JPEG photo collection, professional-level TIFFS or Photoshop files with just a few clicks.
Database Backup: MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and other
  • Database Backup - a common plug-in for backing up database tables using a dedicated ODBC driver for each database. It can save data from any SQL or non-SQL database type.
  • MS SQL Server Backup - back up MSSQL database with all views, indexes, stored procedures, and other data.
  • MySQL Backup - backup and easy recovery of MySQL, one of the world’s leading database management systems.
  • DB2 Backup - protect IBM DB2 data servers. Compatibility with the technology is verified with the "Ready for IBM DB2" logo.
  • Lotus Backup - advanced plug-in for Lotus Domino/Notes databases of version 6.5 and higher. Compatibility with the technology is verified with the "Ready for IBM Lotus" logo.
  • Oracle Backup - hot backup and restoration of Oracle databases.
  • Exchange Server Backup - back up the most powerful messaging and collaboration system.

  • FTP Backup – allows linking a program and saving data from an FTP server located somewhere in the local network or via the Internet.
  • SFTP backup and FTPS backup – protected variants of an FTP connections, these features can save data from such protected file storages or from a majority of website hosting servers.
  • Amazon S3 – allows backup your personal data from the popular commercial cloud service.
  • Box, 4shared, BackBlaze, Xref AutoCAD for Cloud – other options for commercial clouds backup.
  • Multi-Cloud WebDAV – an extra feature for connecting with different cloud services allowing WebDAV featured interface.

Online Data Sources
  • System Recovery – takes a bootable image of a system drive in a VHD format, which can be restored, mapped as a virtual drive or even started on a virtual machine like VirtualBox.
  • Registry Backup *– saves a copy of your current Windows registry. This option can save a lot of time when you attempt a recovery or restore your system after some malicious attack.

*Note: These plug-ins are temporarily unavailable in the latest version, 8.0.5.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 8.0.5, built on 20 August, 2019. 104 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

The Standard edition lets you backup files, folders, and e-mails to local and USB drives, FTP servers or Online. Supported options include compression, encryption and scheduling.

Where to Back up

Where to Back up

You can back up your data wherever you want! Are you a home user? Use optical discs or USB drives. Are you an IT-expert? Take advantage of secured SFTP or FTPS connections and cloud replication. For any users and any needs, Handy Backup allows selecting the most appropriate storage feature for keeping backup data.

Storage Destination Features

  • Back up to FTP - you can transfer important data to remote computers using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or its secure variations (FTPS, SFTP).
  • Online Backup - by using the dedicated Handy Backup cloud (HBDrive), you can protect information from any disasters and have a 24x7 access to your backups from anywhere!
  • Backup to Network - important files can be backed up to shared storage locations such as NAS units or remote mapped drives.
Store data to local and external drives, FTP/SFTP/FTPS and other locations
  • Backup to DVD - there is a common plug-in for all optical discs, that can be used to burn backups to CD, DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD discs of any types (rewriteable, multi-layered, etc.).
  • Backup to HDD - the software lets you copy data to any local drive attached to your machine. If you are using an external unit, you can also trigger your task for plugging this unit into your PC!
  • Backup to Amazon S3 - you can back up data to Amazon S3 cloud storage.
  • Backup to Google Drive - perform effective Google Drive auto backup.
  • Backup to Box, BackBlaze, 4shared or Wasabi S3 Cloud Backup - as for Amazon S3, these storage features allow you using your account on some popular cloud as your backup destination.

Backup Options

The software comes with a wide range of options, including data compression, encryption, scheduling and much more.

Filtering, Selecting and Verifying Options

Filtering, Selecting and Verifying Options

  • Backup Filtering - you apply filters based on file attributes, or specify include/exclude file masks to back up only files you need.
  • Open File Backup – you can select locked files for “hot” backup, as the utility uses a Volume Shadow Copying Service to snapshot files used by other applications.
  • Backup Verification* - sometimes it is useful to verify that all backups were made error free, e.g. after transferring the files via an FTP or to some cloud.
  • Selective Restoration - restore, copy or clone your data to a different place than the source by using the “Change restore location” dialog when create a task for restoring the information.
Backup Controlling Features

Backup Controlling Features

  • Backup as Service - for maximum security of PC data, you can set up Windows service and have all jobs always started in time, even with no user logged in.
  • Event logs/reports backups - by viewing the log file, your stay informed about all executed tasks and task statuses, as well as errors.
  • Email notifications - about operation results are sent to you regularly providing you with up-to-date information about the progress of task execution and errors.
  • Other program to run before/after running backup tasks - you can schedule any task to run before or after a selected program.

*Note: Backup verification is temporarily unavailable in the latest version, 8.0.5.

Compression and Encryption

Compression and Encryption

  • Backup with ZIP - built-in ZIP compression engine lets you minimize backups (and if you’re backing up online, time and storage space used).
  • Backup Encryption - any file can be encrypted with a 128-bit BlowFish algorithm, to reduce possible risks during the transfer and storage.
Scheduling Options

Scheduling Options

  • Backup Scheduling - you can define a backup plan and run backup and recovery tasks automatically with a period of repeating set from months to minutes.
  • Triggering Backups by USB Plugging or by Other Event – you can also launch your task on logon/logoff, force to run a missed task, or even start a task when connecting a USB unit linked with this task to your PC!

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Small Business

Version 8.0.5, built on 20 August, 2019. 104 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 249 USD per license.

Handy Backup Small Server

Small Business Backup Solution has multiple server-specific functions including backing up of Microsoft Exchange Server, MSSQL, MySQL databases, IBM Lotus Domino, and much more.

Types of Backup

Handy Backup provides some methods of backing up data, as well as some storage techniques allowing saving time, space and efforts on backup operations.

Backup Types
  • Full Backup - all files of the selected backup set are copied upon each backup session.
  • Incremental Backup - back up only new and last modified files are backed up.
  • Differential Backup - only slighted changes of data, compared to the previous full backup.
  • Mirror Backup - provides identity of content of the two selected folders.
  • Time-stamped Backup – you can mark any backup folder with a clearly readable date and time of creating that particular backup, allowing manual or automated time-depending operations.
  • Mixed Backup – a cycle of a full backup and some differential backups, repeatedly running until it reach a preset quantity of differential backups and start all the cycle again.
  • Versioned Backup – keeping some versions of one dataset (taken from a full or a differential backup), possibly duplicating each other, for a time or a quantity you are need.

System Requirements

Handy Backup is designed to backup Windows computers and back up small business servers:

** Latest versions of Handy Backup do not support Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. For supporting these OS, please dowlnoad and install older versions of Handy Backup!

Note: You can back up Windows Servers and workstations working under both 32- and 64-bit platforms. Handy Backup will automatically select an appropriate type of software (32- or 64-bit), according to the configuration of machine and OS.

Backup Linux - you can run Handy Backup from some Linux distros under Wine, or as a part of a network architecture (for network-oriented editions).

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.0.5, built on 20 August, 2019
104 MB


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