Serverless Backup

Serverless backup is a type of network-based backup which does not call for any resources of main server for performing backup tasks. These are two principal types of serverless backup implementation:

  • Instead of data server, the dedicated backup server takes a main computational and transferring job when executing backup tasks;
  • Backup is performed directly by the particular backup storage device, e.g. by the network-attached storage (NAS), taking the burden of backup task execution from the main server.

Advantages and Problems of Serverless Backup

It is evident that serverless backup can potentially free some server resources, especially when the particular backup task terms requires many auxiliary computations or conditions such as encrypting and compressing all data.

By the other way, delegating all backup tasks for serverless backup can be problematic. As an example we mention the fact that some backup algorithms and methods used by storage devices can be a sort of “black box” for system administrator, providing too little or no control over the backup process.

Backup Solution

Download Server Backup Software - Handy Backup. Reliable server backup solution.

To be summarized, serverless backup can be very useful or not-too-useful (but is almost never harmful, anyway!) according to the strategy of server backup preferred by system administrator.

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