Linux Backup Server: Back up Linux Server over Network

Linux backup server software allows automating either backup of physical Linux servers or Linux backup on virtual machines.

Utilizing a Linux backup client, it places data from Linux backup to NAS, to a USB drive, to a cloud (e.g. Linux backup to Google Drive) etc. Handy Backup allows it all – and much more!

Installation instructions
Linux Backup Server

Native and Heterogeneous Backup for Linux Servers

These are homogeneous (i.e. all computers in network utilize the same principal OS or even the same distro/version of this OS) or heterogeneous networks (with different operating systems running in the network). The second option requires a function for heterogeneous backup.

Options of Backup Software for Heterogeneous Environment

The necessary data-saving functions for heterogeneous networks include both using Linux server to backup Windows clients and backup Linux server to Windows client or storage. These two-way compatibility allows moving and even cloning data freely in heterogeneous systems.

Heterogeneous Networks Backup

Linux Backup Server: Principal Requirements

Distributive Friendly

A Vast Majority of Linux Backup Server Distro Types

Good Linux server backup must run under a vast majority of Linux backup server distro types. You can easily adapt Handy Backup not only for Ubuntu/Debian, but also for Linux Mint, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), OpenSUSE and commercial SUSE versions, Arch Linux, Mandriva, Scientific Linux, Slackware, Knoppix and many other distributives as the unified Linux backup tool.

Supporting Linux on Virtual Machines

Supporting Linux on Virtual Machines

The program for Linux server backup and restore can also take snapshots from Linux-based virtual machines including distros installed on VMware or VirtualBox, virtual Linux with kernel (Linux KVM) etc. Handy Backup allows both "internal" backup and "external" snapshots of virtual machines.

Working in Terminal

Work in Different Shell Commands and Files, like Linux Rsync Backup

Finally, a good Linux server backup program must work effectively in different shell commands and files, much like Linux rsync backup. A Linux backup client must contain a healthy set of command-line options allowing flexible control for all software functions just from a shell.

Handy Backup as a Linux Backup System

Newest versions of Handy Backup have a native support for any Linux central backup server, allowing running backup tasks from a command shell or using an advanced GUI to control all aspects of backup tasks. As Linux backup software, Handy Backup provides some advantages including:

  • Running tasks by internal schedule, requiring no external tools such as making a cron job;
  • Keeping files in a Linux backup directory in native formats to process the backups;
  • Providing Linux network backup to NAS, FTP, SFTP, FTPS servers or to different clouds;
  • Encrypting and/or compressing backup files with internal algorithms;
  • Using native API and software to backup different data types: databases, VMs and sites.
Linux Server Backup to Different Storages

Linux Network Backup Software

In addition to making Linux server backup and restore, Handy Backup allows saving data from different Linux workstations, either directly or via the network. The latter option also supports a heterogeneous backup technique, allowing using Linux backup server and Windows client over the network.

Note: Starting from version 8.5, Handy Backup Server Network now includes a workstation specifically designed for the Linux operating system. This allows for smooth integration with the control panel running on the Windows OS, making it easier to create backups for Linux files. Additionally, it's worth noting that the functionality for backing up virtual machines and databases is currently in development. For detailed instructions on setup and usage, please consult the relevant section in the User Manual.

Joint Running of Linux Server Backup and Other Software

Handy Backup contains both a shell-like interface allowing scripting its execution as a typical external program and an internal option allowing running commands before and/or after a particular task. This is useful, for example, for making Linux backup deduplication with an external tool.

Installation instructions

Make your necessary Linux server backup with Handy Backup, a modern, all-in-one automated data-saving solution!
Explore the vast world of Handy Backup plug-ins, storages, functions and interface features, using this popular software natively with your favorite Linux distro!

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