Cloud Based Backup Services

Cloud server backup is a modern method of data keeping for enterprise and individual users, providing both offsite data storage and mobility for restoring the information. Handy Backup is a good example of enterprise cloud backup software, supporting any modern storage for Windows server cloud backup.

Sample Cloud Server Solutions for Enterprise Cloud Backup

Google Drive Backup

Google Drive Backup

Perhaps one of most known cloud backup solutions, Google Drive allows storing data of any type to an expandable cloud account with a very reasonable price for a free space. Readily available and with many internal utilities for data processing, Google Drive is a true part of the modern IT giant!

  • The dedicated Google Drive plug-in connects Handy Backup to Google Drive by using its own API to manage data exchange with this cloud backup server.
Dropbox Backup

Dropbox Backup

The popular data-sharing and cloud storage solution, Dropbox can contain and synchronize thousands of files and folders. Like Google Drive, it provides file-storing and cloud backup services primarily to home users and small business owners, and has utilities to complement file storing and sharing.

  • For Handy Backup, the API-driven Dropbox plug-in governs all cloud server backup operations related to Dropbox.
OneDrive Backup

OneDrive Backup

Designed as the standard cloud server for Windows users, including Windows server cloud backup, the OneDrive is the cheap, secure, fast and capable method of storing any data, from common files and folders to big enterprise data arrays (if you need it). It can also store Windows images.

  • Handy Backup provides the dedicated OneDrive plug-in based on the own API for this cloud server solution.

Other Popular Cloud Backup Service Options

Besides cloud server solutions and the related plug-ins described before, Handy Backup contains some other plug-ins for accessing many other cloud servers existed. The list of these plug-ins includes Box, 4shared, Xref for AutoCAD, BackBlaze and some other cloud server backup solutions.

  • Updates for Handy Backup constantly expand the quantity of supported clouds. Please check for upgrades (free for owners!) to find new cloud server backup plug-ins!

Dedicated Cloud Based Backup Services

Amazon S3 Backup

The dedicated cloud server backup solution for enterprise-level data, Amazon S3 provides both high security of transferring and storing the information via the cloud API and a good productivity for making "hot" copies of relatively big datasets, such as databases, dynamic website content and other clouds.

Amazon S3 Backup
  • Handy Backup provides the Amazon S3 plug-in for accessing accounts (buckets) on this cloud server, with extended an authorization procedure supporting the AWS4 protocol.

HBDrive Backup

In addition to the vast list of cloud server backup plug-ins, Handy Backup has its own backup storage vault. Protected from physical and malware perils, this vault called HBDrive combines best features of cloud server and FTP storage, including protected data transferring.

  • All editions of Handy Backup contain the dedicated Online Backup plug-in, making backup to cloud and data restoring from the HBDrive cloud storage service.

Create HBDrive Account

Get a free 5 GB secured storage space!

Other Private and Commercial Cloud Backup Servers

You can also organize backup to a cloud of any type, from a local cloud server raised on a small home NAS to an enterprise-level private service to some enterprise cloud backup solution that not yet have its own plug-in in Handy Backup. All you need is to have a WebDAV interface or bridge for that cloud, or the S3 protocol for data transfer between a cloud and other devices.

  • The WebDAV multi-cloud plug-in governs all operations when you back up to cloud using the WebDAV protocol, as the S3 Cloud plug-in supports S3 connections, such as Wasabi backup, IBM Cloud Backup etc.

Note: When using any cloud plug-in as a backup source on the Step 2 of a task wizard, you can locate any cloud plug-in in the "Cloud" section on the left panel. When making backup to cloud, you can select each available cloud server plug-in from the open list on the Step 3.

Google Drive Configuration

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Small Business

Version 8.4.2, built on September 19, 2022. 111 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 249 USD per license.

Handy Backup Small Server

The ultimate backup solution for one machine, the Small Server edition has a capability to use any available cloud server just out of the box!

Handy Backup Server Network

Version 8.4.2, built on September 19, 2022. 111 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 299 USD per license.

Handy Backup Server Network

The Server Network edition can organize centralized backup and restoration for a local network of any complexity, including managing data in any enterprise cloud backup tasks!

Other Crucial Advantages of Handy Backup

Besides the vast selection of cloud server backup options, Handy Backup has some other important features for organizing the entire job:

  • Scheduling tasks to run at an exact time, with a period from a minute to some months, or by some system event.
  • Data encryption and compression options, built into the program, to enhance protection and wholeness of an archive.
  • Keeping data in native formats, allowing browsing, viewing or even modifying files just from a cloud server, without restoring.
  • Partition backup options (incremental, differential and mixed backup) to reduce the size of data archive for keeping on a cloud server backup.
  • "Hot" backup for most data types available.
Automatic Backup to Cloud Service
Free Download

Version 8.4.2, built on September 19, 2022
111 MB

Try Handy Backup as your trusted software for backup to a cloud server of your choice! Download and install the free 30-day trial version of Handy Backup with all cloud server plug-ins and program features available for you!


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