Using DVD as Backup Media

Back up HDD to DVD Using DVD as backup media is almost the obsolete practice in the time of commercial clouds and ever-accessible Internet. Small amounts of data stored at single DVD (about 4.7 Gb) and low reliability of writing process makes backup to DVD more and more rare action.

The main advantage of automatic backup to DVD is a cheapness of DVD-R backup media. Other is a wide availability of devices capable for using DVD as backup media, for both writing and reading DVD-R backup data.

Principal flaws of DVDs will be displayed in the short list below:

  • Relatively small size of a single DVD-R backup media;
  • Subjection to mechanical errors at all times of the life cycle (transporting empty, writing, keeping and reading);
  • Low speed of reading and writing data, with a tendency to select even slower speed for avoiding damages and mishaps.

Due to the inconsistency and tendency toward writing errrors, the procedure of automatic backup to DVD must contain checking of the resulting storage. Without this procedure, backup to DVD can spoil some crucial data.

Backup Solution

Handy Backup provides automatic backup to DVD, as well as backup to CD, in the 32-bit edition, as the instrument of backward compatibility.

However, we recommend for the modern times re-consider the choice of backup media from DVDs and try anything else, such as backup to FTP server and other storages.

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