DVD vs Hard Drive as Backup Media

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Backup to Hard Drive

Copying hard disk files to DVD seems almost obsolete when compared to hard drive backup. DVD media is prone to mechanical errors and logical faults, have a little speed compared to modern hard drives, and can store much less data.

At other hand, DVD drivers is still a typical part of any Windows-oriented PC or server, making the DVD the most universal data storage being imagined. DVR-R dummies are cheap, readily available in all corners of the world, and have a sufficient size for mundate backup tasks.

Selecting Backup to DVD or to External Hard Drive

When you plan to store your backup to DVD or to external hard drive, please take these considerations in account.

  • Storage size. A single hard disk can have a size for more than 3 Tb, but a single DVD data capacity is only a 4.7 Gb. You may have a need to span backup to DVD using multiple dummies, instead of just one hard drive or SSD.

  • Cheapness of dummies. A destroyed DVD-R can be a negligible loss, but the hard drive or SSD damaged with malware or hazard can be a substantial (from $50 and up) waste.

  • Reliability of data-keeping. In contrast with a previous sentence, the HDD or SSD drive provides the much more reliable data-storing process compared with backup to DVD.

As a general rule, we are not recommending you to backup to DVD when you can store your data on a hard disk instead. Due to a flaw on a single DVD, you may lose all data in your multi-DVD backup set.

Orgainzing Backup DVD vs Hard Drive

For backward compatibility and some advantages, the 32-bit version of Handy Backup provides automated backup to DVD as storage media. Data consistensy checking and span backup are automated with this Backup software.


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