Restore Backup from Anywhere and Know Something New'n'Cool about Clouds

Hello Friends!

The harvest continues in October! We’ve really worked hard – and the work was fruitful. Novosoft LLC has something to show you – here is the brand new Handy Backup version, 7.3.0!

What’s different about the new version 7.3.0 as compared to the previous one?

  • Restore from anywhere. Even after you moved your backups to a whole new place (say, from an external HDD to the cloud). Just find where your backup.hbi, and that will be all you need to restore your data. Literally, you can store anywhere, replace them as you wish, and the data will remain safe no matter what the tricky moves are.
  • WebDAV software. This is truly special part of the new version of Handy Backup. WebDAV is a tricky data transfer protocol that runs on top of HTTP and helps people in editing files collaboratively. Using this stuff in Handy Backup and can use the magic of WebDAV backup to protect your data to and from such popular cloud services as Yandex.disk, JungleDisk, Box, and others.
  • A pile of minor but pleasant changes. Like bug numerous fixes (the cunning issue no. HB-2073, goodbye forever!). And yes, we do have a fresh Czech localization now (ahoj, many thanks, and 2 gift licenses of Handy Backup Professional to Gtein for that!).

Traditionally, if you have questions or any comments regarding the features (for example, you would like to know what settings are the good one to run Handy Backup as WebDAV software), feel welcome to ask us in the Handy Backup Google Group.

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