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New Version 7.4.5 Improves Server and Network Capabilities

November 20, 2013

We have launched an update of our software - Version 7.4.5. The new version redesigned in different aspects and aimed to heavy-duty backup job on both personal computers and servers. In this version, all operations through network interfaces can be performed with client machines accessible only by IP address or by intrinsic name structures. It has also some improved FTP and network functions, as well as the completely new native Linux network agent for server network backup actions.

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Enhanced Network Backup Functionality in Version 7.4.4

November 12, 2013

Happy to tell you that we have released Version 7.4.4. The software update contains stability improvements and new network backup features. It is available for free for all users of Handy Backup 7. You can download it right now!

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Release of Fast and Reliable Backup Solution for Linux

October 02, 2013

We are really pleased to announce the release ofLinux edition of our software. You can download versions suitable for the Debian-like (DPKG-based) or Yum/RPM-based distributives of Linux. To get Linux edition that supports more exotic package-managing software like YAST, please contact us by e-mail

The solution provides a convenient and reliable way to perform automatic backup and recovery of Linux workstations. The process can be managed remotely from acontrol panel of Handy Backup Server Network.

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Version 7.4.3 with Stability Improvements, Updated GUI and FTP/SFTP Plug-ins

August 13, 2013

Good news! Version 7.4.3 of our software is available for download!

Brief description of the changes:

  • New component launching scheme
  • Updated FTP Backup plug-in
  • Support for keyboard interactive authorization in the SFTP Backup plug-in
  • Updated user interface
  • New naming convensions: Workstations are now called Agents

The update is free and recommended for all users of standalone editions (Home Standard, Professional and Small Server).

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Version 7.4.2 with Turkish Localization and Improved WebDAV Plug-in

Jule 24, 2013

We have just released a new version 7.4.2 with the following improvements:

  • The WebDAV plug-in now works more correctly when backing up large amounts of data
  • The Online plug-in was updated to a new version of HBDrive API (the API is not yet available for third parties)
  • We have updated user interface in HBDrive
  • The program is now available in Turkish!
  • As usual, there are some minor fixes to the user interface

We recommend all users who use our software to back up to WebDAV servers and HBDrive (cloud storage service from Novosoft), update to the new version.

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Improved WebDAV and Online Plug-ins in Version 7.4.1

Jule 09, 2013

We are happy to announce an update to all editions of our backup software. Here’s what you can find in version 7.4.1:

  • Improved WebDAV Backup and Online Backup plug-ins that no longer write unnecessary messages and warnings into task logs.
  • The PostgreSQL Backup plug-in now works faster with large databases, and we’ve also made it more visible in the plug-in list.
  • Updated task progress notifications.
  • ...and much more!

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Advanced Database Backup to Cloud with Version 7.4

June 10, 2013

We are happy to introduce an update of the program with enhanced functionality for database backup. With the version 7.4 backup of MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other popular databases has become more flexible and effective.

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Free edition of Handy Backup for storing copies on Yandex.Disk

May 29, 2013

We are happy to introduce you the freeware edition of Handy Backup for backing up to Yandex.Disk.

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HBDrive - Cloud Storage in a New Way!

April 10, 2013

We have enhanced functionality and interface of our online backup service HBDrive. Storing backups on a virtual server becomes much easier!

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Improved Stability and Security with Version 7.3.3

Febrary 13, 2013

February 14, 2013

We are happy to announce that a new version of Handy Backup has just been released. With primary focus on stability and performance, it introduces a range of features to make backup experience easier, more intuitive and enjoyable! The change list is as follows:

  • New notification system that will tell you if there’s something wrong with your PC protection
  • Easier procedure of data selection (all the related dialogs will now work much faster)
  • Updated First Start Wizard
  • 64-bit version of Lotus Notes Backup plug-in
  • ...and much more!

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In addition to the new version, we welcome you to try out our new Backup Comparison Tool - find out which edition of our software is right for you!


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